Professional Training

We offer the following certificated massage courses:

Our professional courses encourage a whole person approach to massage.

63770_3528_1_M036In this context, there are 3 aspects of wholeness

  • Looking at the whole client recognising that massage touches not just the physical body but also mental attitudes and emotions
  • Having a whole range of relevant techniques from the massage tradition involved. From these a skilled and informed selection can be made to suit the client’s needs at the time
  • Including the whole practitioner with their experience, presence and awareness. Hence the training process is a personal development for the student, practitioner and teacher alike

Special features of the BCMB approach are:

  • High staff/student ratio
  • Close supervision and support throughout all trainings
  • Supervised clinical practice via 3 monthly clinics with members of the public
  • Monthly access to free practice space at BCMB for student swaps or to see clients
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology taught in a practical, hands-on way and closely related to massage practice
  • Opportunity to work at our paid Graduate Massage Clinic for up to 6 months after graduation
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