Professional Training

We offer the following certificated massage courses:

Following the example of universities and further education Colleges to minimise face to face contact where possible, BCMB has designed and adopted a blended approach to massage teaching.  For us, these means teaching much of our theory content on line using the Zoom platform, and practical skills will be taught using appropriate PPE, distancing, hygiene and ventilation measures here in the College.

Our professional courses encourage a whole person approach to massage.

63770_3528_1_M036In this context, there are 3 aspects of wholeness

  • Looking at the whole client recognising that massage touches not just the physical body but also mental attitudes and emotions
  • Having a whole range of relevant techniques from the massage tradition involved. From these a skilled and informed selection can be made to suit the client’s needs at the time
  • Including the whole practitioner with their experience, presence and awareness. Hence the training process is a personal development for the student, practitioner and teacher alike

Special features of the BCMB approach are:

  • High staff/student ratio
  • Close supervision and support throughout all trainings
  • Supervised clinical practice via 3 monthly clinics with members of the public
  • Monthly access to free practice space at BCMB for student swaps or to see clients
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology taught in a practical, hands-on way and closely related to massage practice
  • Opportunity to work at our paid Graduate Massage Clinic for up to 6 months after graduation
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