Remedial & Sports Massage Diploma

I had the most amazing time during this course. I learnt so much as the course built up. There were times I wasn’t sure I could do it, but the tutors are amazing and supported us the whole way through. I am so happy to have done this.

Amy, RSM Graduate 2021


Remedial and Sports Massage Level 5 diploma starting April 2024 – places available and applications are open! If you would like a chat through the options available with a tutor before applying please email 

This course provides students with an in-depth knowledge in how to manage a wide range of muscle and joint related problems.  This includes integrating a variety of assessment, treatment and rehabilitation skills as well as covering the more specific area of competitive sports.

Meeting Level 5 academic standards set by the national Qualifications Credit Framework (QCF) for remedial and sports massage, the course is accredited by the Massage Training Institute (MTI), a national organisation of well-established schools and tutors.  The MTI is a member of the General Council for Massage Therapy, the national lead body for massage in the UK.

The course consists of 28 teaching days spread over 12 months and costs £2,995, with an early bird rate of £2,795 if paid two months in advance or £2,895 if paid before the course start date. The deposit will be £395. There is also an option to pay the deposit to secure your place and then pay 8 monthly instalments of £325

What is Remedial & Sports Massage?

Whether you are suffering from long-term back pain or have recently been injured playing your favourite sport, most musculoskeletal problems tend to result from:

    • Poor prolonged posture
    • Faulty body mechanics
    • Stressful living and poor working habits
    • Loss of strength and flexibility

These factors can all have a major influence on the physical state of our soft tissues, particularly in relation to activity. Remedial massage therapists use a variety of assessment, treatment and rehabilitation skills to address all of these issues and help promote healthy functioning of the whole body.

By combining massage skills with an advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology, practitioners are able to influence specific structures such as muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. This can reduce pain, restore normal movement, help recovery from injury and correct postural problems. Providing good home care guidance often in the form of exercises and lifestyle advice helps prevent future problems from re-occurring.

Most remedial massage therapists spend the majority of their time working privately or in a clinic setting, helping people from all walks of life to remedy a wide variety of painful and restricting problems. Within this broader framework is the more specialist area of Sports Massage. This is effectively remedial massage work when used in a sports-specific environment such as in a sports injury clinic or at a sporting event providing pre/inter/post event treatment.

Course Information

Summary of Course Syllabus


  • Advanced functional anatomy & physiology for connective tissue
  • The physiology of injury and manual therapy
  • Contra-indication for remedial and sports massage therapy
  • Treatment principles for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions
  • Common non-musculoskeletal pathologies
  • Exercise physiology and diet/nutrition in sport
  • Professionalism and ethics


  • Case-history taking skills and referral procedure
  • Postural assessment
  • Muscle and joint assessment
  • A wide range of massage skills such as muscle energy technique, functional technique, soft-tissue release, myofascial release and trigger point release
  • Massage with medial conditions
  • Home care exercises, training advice, core stability and rehabilitation strategies
  • Treatment planning

  • Key emphasis placed on integrating applied anatomy & physiology with clinical skills and practical techniques through case-scenario and group work
  • Emphasis on practitioners own body s in practical technique, reinforcing good body mechanics and safe practices
  • Close supervision and individual tutor support
  • Student clinic days where students can practice on the general public under supervision
  • Marketing and business skills to help develop your practice

  • 28 teaching days plus examination days, which is run over 12 blocks and spread out over a 12-month period
  • Total contact teaching hours is 230 hours
  • Approximately 30% theory and 70% practical
  • Approximately 8-10+ hours per week for study and practice whilst the course is in progress


  • Complete 100 hours of remedial/ sports massage practice
  • Receiving 10 treatments
  • 2 written assignments, covering key topics that relate to clinical practice and the final exam.


  • 2 ½ hour theory paper
  • Individual practical exam


  • Students should allow for at least 8-10 hours per week for study and practice whilst the course is in progress.
Graduates will be awarded the Level 5 BCMB Remedial and Sports Massage Diploma accredited by the Massage Training Institute (MTI), a national organisation of well-established schools and tutors. The qualification is nationally recognised and will enable graduates to practice as a professional remedial and sports massage practitioner, and obtain full comprehensive insurance cover. The MTI is a member of the General Council for Massage Therapy, the national lead body for massage in the UK
The team of tutors brings to the course a wide range of experience and skills, offering students the opportunity to learn from practising therapists who are passionate about their own subject. All clinical and technique tutors specialise in the field of remedial & sports massage and related complementary therapies.

The following tutors represent the core-teaching team for the course and will be present in all teaching sessions.

There will also be a range of guest lecturers and practical technique tutors invited in as specialists of their field to assist or teach specific areas of the course.

A fast paced and exciting course, content exactly what I wanted, tutors are great with the added bonus of fabulous guest speakers.

It would be difficult to overstate the high quality of the teaching on the RSM course. What initially looks a daunting and technical course is broken down into weekends that make it much more manageable, logical and easy to understand. BCMB provides such a positive learning space, and with each teaching block that passes, I feel better equipped and more confident in providing effective sports and remedial massage, and I actively look forward to the next session. I would recommend the course to anyone interested in Sports and Remedial Massage without hesitation.

The RSM course is fantastic. I studied BCMB’s Holistic Course and then continued straight on to RSM. I felt the holistic course had offered an excellent foundation but I wanted a greater understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology and to increase my massage skills and techniques.  It has offered me all of that and more. There’s lots of opportunity to put your new skills into practise through the student clinics and the homework and case studies. Adam and Tim are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and totally committed to your learning and helping you get the most out of the course.  There are guest lecturers and experts that come along too which really helps expand your thinking. Students come from a range of backgrounds and there’s lots of opportunity to share skills and learn from different perspectives; sports enthusiasts, holistic therapists and personal trainers to name a few.  It is hard work but very rewarding, I can feel my knowledge and skills improving week on week and really look forward to each weekend and the in depth learning opportunities offered.  Already I see the benefits in what I am able to offer my clients and how I can relate to their needs; in both RSM and holistic terms. I think the course has opened a new window for me and cannot recommend it highly enough.
Kate G, current student

“After completing the Holistic Massage course with BCMB the Remedial and Sports Massage course gives me exactly the kind of progression I was looking for. It is very a carefully designed course with supporting learning materials of a really high standard. I love the mixture of theory and practical work – it means that as we learn new things we are continually challenged to apply them in a practical way. The emphasis is on training students to think and apply clinical reasoning to each case with the aim of preparing us to practise safely and confidently whoever walks through the door.

Even though the focus is different from the Holistic Course, all the work is guided by the ethos of  BCMB – meaning that we are encouraged to consider the psycological and emotional aspects of remedial work. It also means that we as students, are looked after really well. There is an excellent balance of challenge and support from the tutors. They provide written and verbal feedback throughout, they make themselves available to respond to queries outside the weekend sessions and they ensure that everyone believes in their own capacity to learn. And when we need practical support, Sarah, the college manager, provides help in all sorts of ways and is available Monday to Friday.

The learning journey I am being taken on is really exciting and I am delighted that, at just after half way through the course, I am earning  money from clients who willingly come back for more!”
Sarah L, current student

I started on this course without any previous massage experience, apart from receiving it! It was really woken up my brain, in a good way, and now I am able to give massages and really help people. I worked for almost 20 years in an office and had reached as high as I wanted to go and when the opportunity for voluntary redundancy came up I took it. I felt I had fallen into my previously role so I took the time to really research all possible new career paths. The sports and remedial course appealed for a number of reasons. It is a one year course with a good mix of practical and theory, the teaching ethos fits in with the way I wish to work (pain is no gain), one weekend per month suits me and my family commitments, working with friends and family and practising my skills has made me very popular! The gradual supported environment is an excellent way to work. The course is hard work, I was told this at the beginning and it really is, but it is very worthwhile and incredibly interesting and relevant. The course tutors have been great, creating a lovely atmosphere every weekend when we get together and the people on the course have been lovely too, helping each other make sense when things seem difficult. I am also doing a correspondence course in Anatomy and physiology which has complemented my learning on the course.
Karren W, current student

“The Sports and Remedial Massage course has enabled me to move my practice on from holistic massage to a more focused and results oriented treatment option for my clients, particularly useful for those that have pain or discomfort. I have been able to treat more clients that I would have previously referred, and my confidence and ability has increased hugely.  The course content is very sensibly structured, making what is a vast syllabus bite-sized. Adam brings enormous knowledge and experience which he manages to distill so clearly without overwhelming. Tim brings everything BCMB and together they make a great partnership. I am now working as a full time self employed massage therapist and enjoying working with people in this very special way.”
Marian H

This course has been designed with more than a little stroke of genius.  Thoughtfully structured, the teaching format builds upon knowledge step by step allowing understanding to fall into place like little revelations.  Adam has drawn upon years of clinical experience, study and research to create a package consolidating the most current and relevant information available to hands on therapists today.  Providing the skills to problem solve and the tools to apply the knowledge; it is a perfect springboard to new realms of practice, understanding, experience and discovery.

Students are encouraged to critically engage with clinical trials and research, providing potential for further work on the cutting edge of manual therapy.  The practical application of skills is intricate and strategic.  Therapists are taken care of through awareness of good body mechanics.  The ethos, atmosphere and tutors are mindful, calm, relaxed and supportive.

Fantastic! Thank you BCMB
Natalie Y, Student

Dates Venue & Fees

Our course involves 28 teaching days over a 12 month period.



Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork
Lower Ground Floor
109 Pembroke Road
Bristol BS8 3EU


9.30am-5.30pm on all teaching days.

The total fee for our Remedial & Sports Massage Diploma 2425 is:


We offer discounts for full fees payment plus an instalment plan option – please see below.

Course fee includes:

  • All tuition and exam fees
  • Course manual with detailed teaching notes and material for all theoretical and practical parts of the course
  • On-going student support and supervision throughout the course
  • Student membership of the MTI Practitioner Association

Insurance is obligatory for students undertaking clinical placements in a public setting.  Students who already have insurance through the MTI Block Scheme with Balens can add Remedial/Sports Massage to their policy at no extra cost.  For students without insurance, it is available through the MTI Block Insurance scheme at a discounted student rate.

Payment options

1. Full Early Bird Advanced Payment: £2,795. This includes a £200 discount and must be paid by 12th February 2024 paid in an early bird lump sum;  You can either pay in one go, or pay your £395 non returnable deposit to secure your place then an additional £2,400 paid by 12th February 2024.

2. Full Advanced Payment £2,895  This includes a £100 discount and must be paid by the course start date of 12th April 2024. You can either pay in one go, or pay your £395 non returnable deposit to secure your place then an additional £2,500 paid by 12th April 2024.

3. Monthly Instalments. Alternatively the fees may be paid as monthly instalments throughout the course.  You will need to pay your £395 non-returnable deposit to secure your place, then set up a standing order to pay 8 payments of £325 each from 1 May 2024  to 1 December 2024 inclusive. 

Important note: By joining this course you are committing to pay the full fee applicable to the payment option you choose, even if you leave the course early.

Payments can be made by bank transfer, card over the phone or in person, cash or cheque.

Apply Now

This course is aimed at:

  • Massage practitioners and complementary therapists who are looking for substantial professional development in the remedial and sports massage field.
  • Other professionals in related fields such as yoga, pilates and dance.
  • People with a personal interest in massage and physical health who are looking to start a new career.

For those without any practice experience, we strongly recommend that they enrol on the BCMB Holistic Massage Course first. This course provides an excellent grounding in the skills needed to practice as a massage therapist and also provides a qualification in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology.

Together, the Holistic Massage and Remedial/Sports Massage courses constitute an extremely thorough 2-year training in massage, enabling the student to explore and develop a wide variety of personal development and professional skills. For people looking for a career change or a new direction, we believe that this thorough approach to massage therapy training is the best option.

Minimum Requirements

  • Be over 18 years old at the start of the course.
  • Hold a recognised qualification in Anatomy & Physiology, equivalent to Level 3.
  • Hold a current Emergency First Aid At Work (EFAW) certificate
  • Hold a recognised qualification in massage, equivalent to Level 3 OR attend the Introductory Bridging Programme offered by BCMB.
  • Students must also be able to express themselves clearly and understand the nuances of the English language.

Can I enrol if I do not hold a massage qualification?

For those who do not already hold a recognised massage qualification and would like to enrol directly onto the Remedial and Sports Massage course, the college has developed an Introductory Bridging Programme.

The Introductory Bridging Programme allows applicants without a prior massage qualification to enter directly onto the remedial and sports programme, provided they also hold an A&P qualification.

Please note that our bridging program is flexible to allow for private tutorial sessions in place of workshops where necessary. The college may also recommend shortened versions of the bridging program, depending on previous massage experience. This can be discussed with the teaching team at the informal interview.

What is Involved?

Overall, the programme consists of 4 stages:

Stage 1: Holistic Massage Introductory 2-day Workshop (to be done before stage 2)
Introducing the basic concepts of massage, palpation, applying basic massage techniques, patient handling and communication.  We run regular Introductory Workshops which can be booked online.

Stage 2: Remedial and Sports Massage Introductory 2-day workshop
Further exploring practical palpation and massage techniques, while introducing more advanced techniques such as soft-tissue release and some basic assessment tools. 

Stage 3: Submit evidence of practice treatments
Students will need to submit evidence of practice treatments. This is set by tutors on an individual basis and will usually consist of 10-20 treatments.

Stage 4: Informal practical exam
Students will be asked to perform a massage treatment on a college tutor.

The total fee for our Introductory Bridging Programme for Remedial & Sports Massage is:


The cost includes the price of all workshops and practical assessment.

Please complete the Remedial & Sports Massage application form and tick the box which asks whether you need the Introductory Bridging Programme.

Qualification in Anatomy & Physiology

In addition to successfully completing this programme, students will need to submit evidence of having completed a Level 3 A&P qualification.

If you do not already hold an existing Level 3 APP qualification, we usually recommend correspondence courses to help you complete this requirement. This can be done alongside the Remedial & Sports Massage diploma course. Most courses take between 3-6 months to complete. For a 15% discount on Gill Tree Training – ITEC Anatomy and Physiology Level 3 please contact the BCMB office.

First Aid

You will also need to hold a current Emergency First Aid At Work (EFAW) certificate.  We use HOLOS as our training provider. Others include Acorn and  St John’s Ambulance.

Once your application has been received, it will be followed by an interview with a member of the teaching team.

Students accepted for the course can then reserve their place by paying a non-refundable deposit.

Students are required to sign a Learning Contract with the College, which sets out their mutual responsibilities and professional standards.

Inappropriate conduct will lead to dismissal from the course.

Apply now using our online application form.  However, if you would prefer to use pen and paper, please download our paper application form and send it to the address on the bottom of the form.

Please use the application forms for both the full Diploma course and the Introductory Bridging Programme.

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