Graduate Clinic

The Graduate Clinic offers low cost massage at £25 per treatment to members of the public. It is a fantastic way to receive regular and beneficial massage treatments and is also a welcome opportunity for our Graduates to begin their massage career.

All treatments take place in our large teaching rooms and there will be up to three treatments taking place at once. A high level of privacy is maintained with screens separating each massage table.

*Covid Safety Information*

We are following strict guidelines to make sure we are working in the safest way possible during the current Covid situation including:

  • limiting the number of clients & therapists in one room at a time in order to maintain social distancing
  • Our therapists will be wearing full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of gloves, apron, mask and visor throughout the treatment
  • All clients will be pre-screened by their therapist for Covid-19 risk
  • Clients to wear a surgical mask to enter the building and throughout the treatment.

IMPORTANT information:

This is a clinic offered by newly qualified therapists. This means that they do not yet have sufficient experience or training to work with people with some health conditions. Please do not book in if you have any of the following and telephone the BCMB office on 01179466371 for advice.

  • Currently receiving treatments for cancer
  • Severe lung & respiratory conditions
  • Recently post‐operative
  • Recently had an organ transplant
  • Recently had a bone marrow or stem cell transplant
  • Suppressed immune system – and likelihood to easily develop infections
  • Pregnant – if accompanied by a serious heart condition
  • Experiencing severe post Covid‐19 circulatory complications – DVT, micro‐embolisms, CVA or PE

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