Student and Graduate Clinics

In order for our students and graduates to gain valuable experience, we run regular massage clinics where members of the public can get massage treatments at a very affordable rate!

These sessions are conducted in a large teaching rooms with a maximum of 4 couches operating at once with screens for privacy.

These are with students who are in the first 6 months of their Holistic Massage Diploma. They are fairly new to massage and will wish to practise newly-learnt techniques on one area of the body only. It will not be a full body massage. The single body area they will practice on will follow what has been taught in the last teaching weekend of the course.


One hour treatment for £12 or £40 for 4 sessions

Running from:

November to January and May to July
Typically running on Wednesday afternoon/evening

These are further practice sessions with students in the later stages of their Holistic Massage Diploma.  The treatment will include a consultation, hands-on treatment relevant to your needs, and after care advice. The treatment may or may not be a full body massage, depending on your consultation.


One hour treatment for £18 or £60 for 4 sessions

Running from:

February to April, July to October.
Typically running on Wednesday afternoon/evening

Weekend Clinics

About 6 times each calendar year we run a Sunday clinic in the Spring and Autumn with these students. These clinics are to help the students practise and prepare for their final practical examinations. Appointments last 45 minutes and cost £5 with availability in the morning and afternoon.

We occasionally run clinics for our Remedial & Sports Massage Diploma course.  The clinic sessions include a detailed consultation, postural assessment, treatment using a range of muscle stretching, soft-tissue/deep-tissue massage, and rhythmical joint mobilizing, and aftercare advice.

You don’t need to be sporty or a professional athlete to take advantage of these sessions!

Please wear a vest top and shorts (or trousers that can be easily rolled up above the knees) for the postural assessment.


A 75 minute appointment costs £15

Running from:

These sessions vary each year but are available from November to June.  They typically run 2-4 times a month.  Please contact us to find out the next available date.

These are fully qualified professional therapists seeking further practice and to establish their professional client base.  The treatment includes consultation, treatment relevant to your needs and after care advice.

Graduates have typically qualified with an MTI accreditation at Level 4 Holistic Massage Diploma, but we do also have some graduates who have qualified with a Level 5 Remedial and Sports Massage Diploma, Level 4 Diploma in Thai Massage, and Level 3 Certificate in Indian Head Massage.  Please state specifically if you want to get booked in for this style of massage.

NB: If you are receiving a Thai Massage, please wear loose comfortable clothing.


One hour treatment for £20 or £90 for 5 sessions


Every Thursday with appointments from 9:30am to 8:30pm

Please call the BCMB office on 0117 946 6371 to book an appointment and have a debit card to hand to secure your booking with payment in full (1.25% card fee surcharge will be applied for credit card). The office is open Monday to Friday 9:00am-5:00pm.

Or you can e-mail us at if you’d like more information before booking.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel with more than 24 hours notice we will give you a full refund.  If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice then we will not refund you.


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