Sunday Student Clinics

Regular student clinics on Sundays throughout the year – just £10 for a 45 minute massage!

Sunday 10 April
Sunday 15 May
Sunday 26 June
Sunday 25 September
Sunday 30 October
Sunday 20 November
To find out more and book please call the office on 0117 946 6371

These popular clinics are an opportunity for our students to gain valuable experience working with clients they’ve never met, to practice both their technical and their consultation skills. It’s also a way we can give back to the local community, offering very affordable massage to those who might not otherwise be able to access it.

It’s a busy, bustling, fun clinic with 6 or 7 massages happening at once in our spacious teaching rooms. Tutors are on hand to support and advise students if needed. Students will hold drapes for you to maintain privacy while you dress and undress.

To find out more and book please call the office on 0117 946 6371

*Please note – if you have a serious chronic condition or recent injury please let us know when you call so we can discuss whether the clinic can meet your needs. Our students are fantastic, but at this stage in their training they may not be fully equipped to work with complex conditions, and in some circumstances massage is contraindicated.

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