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At our home in Clifton, members of our teaching team and experienced graduates are available for one to one treatment sessions.

Please contact the practitioner direct to discuss treatments and to book appointments. 

In my work I aim to create a harmony, a flow of energy between mind and body that facilitates a higher level of relaxation, body awareness and inner connection. This can create a more embodied experience and enable clients to find safety and comfort.  I adapt and respond to each person, encouraging rather than forcing change.  I am a Lead Tutor on the Holistic Massage Diploma course at BCMB

Manual therapy and movement have helped me recover from back injuries. This experience informs my remedial and therapeutic approach and helps me develop successful strategies for my clients.

Treatments: Massage and private massage tuition

Availability: Please contact Peter directly for availability

Contact: 07514 709321 or 

I am fascinated by the way the body works and tries to repair itself despite everything we throw at it. Sometimes it needs a bit of help and that’s where massage steps in. I have diplomas in Holistic Massage and Remedial and Sports Massage, I am a tutor on the BCMB Remedial and Sports Massage diploma, and continue to study to keep my skills up to date. I am currently investigating Fascial Release – there is always more to explore!

Over the years I have worked with a wide range of amazing people. I consider it a privilege to be able to be part of their journey as they cope with aches and pains, prepare for sporting events or just work to maintain their physical health.

Treatments: Remedial and Sports and Holistic Massage

Available: Wednesday 1 – 5pm

Contact: 07748 272 093 or

My massage and bodywork practice is still developing after 18 years. I am constantly learning: from my teaching on the Remedial and Sports Massage Diploma at BCMB and Cardiff Met University, from my clients and from my self care.  My clients allow me the privilege of working with their physical aches, pains and discomfort; with their stress and nervous system – remedially, holistically, to enhance the connection between body and mind.  Whether a short-term issue, long term recovery or maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, treatments are different every time.  For remedial and sports massage treatments please wear or bring shorts and a vest top or similar to enable a postural assessment.

Treatments: Remedial and Sports and Holistic Massage

Available: Friday 10am – 6pm

Contact: 07525 006880

Chris is a Teaching Assistant on the Holistic Diploma course.  Chris’ approach to massage is intuitive and considered. Using his knowledge of anatomy he will work together with you to plan a massage that will help you to feel relaxed, restored and ready to take on the world once again; massage is a dialogue between practitioner and client. He will then focus on areas of tension, using a wide range of techniques to enable the body to heal itself when needed. Chris offers a LGBTQ+ friendly practice and is really excited about being part of the BCMB family!

Treatments: Holistic Massage

Available: Wednesdays 12pm – 5pm &  Thursdays 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Contact: 07795 663620

I take the holistic aspect that everything in the whole body is intertwined and connected, massage can be for everybody and not just a luxury. The treatment I offer can be a mix of flowing dynamic massage or slow concentrated contact which gets deep into the muscles of the body or comforting subtle touch, to release the fascia. Intuition is a fundamental part of my massage practise and you can come away feeling balanced, relaxed and more connected to your body.

Treatments: Holistic Massage

Available: Please contact Callum directly for availability

Contact: 07946 427826 or

Sandra qualified in massage therapy in 2009. She is passionate about the healing power of touch, breath and bodywork. Her work blends holistic and remedial massage, learnt through her own personal journey and openness to continued learning. Her passion for massage is shown in her wide repertoire –relaxation, deep tissue massage, joint mobilisations, emotional release, breath work, side-lying, chair massage, Reiki, Thai massage and fascial release are just some of the elements she is able to provide.

Clients include people with short-term aches and pain, those with chronic pain issues and/or needing emotional support or relaxation. Sessions are always adapted to meet different clients’ needs. So, whether you are an office worker, musician or athlete there is a treatment for you.

Treatments: Holistic Massage

Available: Please contact Sandra directly for availability

Contact: 07525 758969 or

Sophie FaganSophie qualified in the Holistic Massage diploma in 2010 and was part of the BCMB Holistic Diploma teaching team from 2012 – 2017. Sophie still teaches workshops at BCMB.  She splits her time teaching and practising massage, Tai Chi and Chi Kung between Bristol and her home in Amsterdam.  Sophie enjoys bringing the principles of these ancient Chinese exercises into her massage treatments through her body use and the flowing nature of her touch.

Sophie feels passionate about making massage accessible to everyone! Especially as a tool to combat stress and anxiety. Taking the holistic nature of the body work she offers whole heartedly she is committed to tailoring every treatment to the clients individual needs.

Sophie’s aim in her work:- ” To provide a space where clients feel safe and relaxed giving them the opportunity to let go and be cared for’.

Treatments: Massage

Available: Please contact Sophie for availability.

Contact: 07958 244043  or

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