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Andy massagingAt our home in Clifton, members of our teaching team are available for one to one treatment sessions.

Between them, they offer a range of treatments such as massage, hypnotherapy, reflexology and yoga, each being tailored to your needs.

Please contact the practitioner direct to discuss treatment and book an appointment.

Andy FaggAndy Fagg qualified in massage in 1984 and founded BCMB in 1987. His passion for massage shows in his rich and varied repertoire – relaxation, lymph drainage, deep tissue massage, joint mobilisations, structural assessment, zero balancing, emotional release and fascial unwinding are just some of the ingredients.

By selecting what is needed for each person Andy creates a safe, deeply nurturing massage experience. Clients include people with cancer, recovering from operations, needing emotional support, long and short-term aches and pains and athletes. Andy’s work blends his experience of T’ai Chi, dance, Zero Balancing and Process Work. He was Chair of the Massage Training institute for 8 years and a Director for a further 6 years.

His other passion is the outdoors, hillwalking and off-road running.

Treatments: Massage

Available: Tuesday 9am – 7pm, Wednesday 9am – 7pm

Contact: 07986 360845

Sophie FaganSophie qualified in the Holistic Massage diploma in 2010 and joined the BCMB teaching team in 2012. She is also registered with the Massage Training Institute.

Sophie feels passionate about making massage accessible to everyone! Especially as a tool to combat stress and anxiety. Taking the holistic nature of the body work she offers whole heartedly she is committed to tailoring every treatment to the clients individual needs.

As well as practising Holistic massage she is a keen Tai Chi and Chi Kung practitioner and enjoys bringing the principles of these ancient Chinese exercises into her massage treatments through her body use and the flowing nature of her touch.

Sophie’s aim in her work:- ” To provide a space where clients feel safe and relaxed giving them the opportunity to let go and be cared for’.

Treatments: Massage

Available: Please contact Sophie for availability.

Contact: 07958 244043  /


Sarah MclellanI have been an MTI qualified massage therapist for 5 years and my enthusiasm for massage and body work continues to grow and grow. I was lucky enough to join the BCMB teaching team in 2010 and really love my work of supporting the students as they learn their new massage skills.

I feels that it is such a wonderful honour to work with people through touch. The most important thing for me in my massage practise is to be able to adapt the session to meet the clients needs on that particular day. I have a wide range of practice and am experienced in both remedial, deep tissue, mobilisation and massage for relaxation and to support a healthy immune system. I believes it is vital to be constantly open to learning therefore I have regular clinical supervision and undertake training in new areas to extend and develop my practice on an ongoing’ basis. I love movement, dance and walking and am an ‘ecstatic awakening dance teacher. I believe that through movement, breath and touch people can feel re connected with the potential for life to be joyful.

It is important to me that my clients feel safe, met and nurtured.

Treatments: Massage

Available: Tuesday 12pm – 8pm

Contact: 07783 943298

Jeremy DymondMy love of massage developed through personal experience of its benefits, especially with respect to a long term back condition. Through taking an active interest in my own condition I learnt a great deal and realised I had a further interest and aptitude for understanding the body. This led me to try some introductory courses of massage and then to gain a full professional qualification: The Massage Training Institute (MTI) Professional Diploma in Holistic Massage & Bodywork.

Through this qualification I gained a good knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology. As well as knowledge of many different massage techniques and how best to apply them.

To ensure I keep up to date with current best practice – and because I enjoy it – I regularly attend advanced courses and am a registered practitioner with the MTI and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).  With this strong background of knowledge I now help others to enjoy the great relaxation and health benefits of massage.

In addition to this I am now a tutor on the Professional Training Course with Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork and Co-facilitator of Bath Practitioner Group (BPG).

Treatments: Massage

Contact: 07967 048 801

While I have never been an athlete, movement and developing an awareness of the physical in relation to wellbeing and balance has always been key for me. I moved from the sports of my youth to martial arts and mobility training in adulthood.

My particular focus for the last 20 years has been on studying the connection between mind and body, and how a harmony between them can be created that goes beyond what we normally think possible. Since becoming a professional body-worker and massage therapist in 2012 I am able to let these experiences flow into my work.

I am passionate about massage therapy because it is unique in that it gives us immediate access to positively enhance our body perception and body sensitivity, while creating space for deeper relaxation and rejuvenation. By focusing on our inner experience we can foster a deeper connection with our body, helping us to recognize current patterns and making change a more readily available option.

Having overcome two different types of back injuries in the past with the help of manual therapy and movement has given me an insight into how recovery from pain can be achieved. It has informed my own remedial and therapeutic approach and supports me in developing successful strategies for my clients.

Treatments: Massage

Contact: 07514 709321


Emma qualified with BCMB in 2013 and since then has been building up her private practice in Bristol. Emma has also worked in a variety of settings, exploring holistic spa environments alongside more clinical/remedial treatments. Her interest in bodywork stemmed from when she was completing her Counselling certificate and began to realise the direct connection between mind and body. Emma is interested in inspiring others about the healing power of touch and bodywork and making it more accessible to the elderly, disabled and the disadvantaged.

Treatments: Massage


Contact: 07543 854 824

I am fascinated by the way the body works and tries to repair itself despite everything we throw at it. Sometimes it needs a bit of help and that’s where massage steps in. I have diplomas in Holistic Massage and Remedial and Sports Massage and continue to study to keep my skills up to date. I am currently investigating Fascial Release – there is always more to explore!

Over the years I have worked with a wide range of amazing people. I consider it a privilege to be able to be part of their journey as they cope with aches and pains, prepare for sporting events or just work to maintain their physical health.

Treatments: Remedial and Sports and Holistic Massage


Contact: 07748 272 093



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