Rhythm Mobility® with Darien Pritchard

Rocking the body, rolling the limbs

When a baby is upset, we instinctively do two things; we stroke them (massage), and we gently rock them. RhythmMobility® addresses the basic need for gentle, rhythmical movement that is often missing in today’s increasingly sedentary world. This day workshop covers a range of ways of rocking the client’s body and rolling their limbs, which can easily be incorporated into massage treatments, and how to adapt them to different clients.

These ‘rocking and rolling’ techniques provide massage practitioners with a way of releasing tension and increasing flexibility that complements and enhances the effects of ‘classic’ massage techniques. In addition, they offer clients a quietly energised sense of their bodies – in contrast to sedentary life.

Rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all rhythm on each client, which can feel jarring, you’ll learn how to find and work with the individual’s natural to-and-fro rhythms in different parts of their trunk and limbs. This is like working out the appropriate force and timing for pushing a child on a swing, according to their build and the amount of movement that they’re happy with.

You’ll learn techniques with the client clothed; however, they can easily be applied in oil massage sessions. There is an emphasis on how to use your body with most ease and effectiveness to deliver the techniques.

Joining instructions: Please wear loose comfortable clothing in which you can easily move and be moved.

All students receive a course booklet and a DVD covering the techniques taught by Darien.


> Darien Pritchard


£65 if booked and paid in full before 31 December 2016, £75 early bird if paid by 1 Sept 2017, £80 thereafter

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This is an advanced workshop aimed at qualified massage practitioners or students on a BCMB diploma course.  Find out more information on our advanced workshops page.

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