Massage at Mappfest Music Festival 2016

BCMB has a thriving events team who go to all sorts of interesting events to provide massage to people on site and to showcase the great work we do.  Hannah Newrick, current Worcester student reports back from our recent outing at MappFest

“The morning of Sunday 20th of June was blessedly bright and dry as we set up for Mappfest Worcester Mappfest 22016. Now in its seventh year, Mappfest is an independent music festival held on Malvern Link common. It attracts over a thousand live music fans over two days who flock to hear bands performing on its three stages. Five BCMB students, two massage tables, a gazebo and folding chairs lent by Sarah Cohen for the purpose and yet more chairs borrowed from friends made up our massage stall where we were to spend the day offering massages to the public for a donation to Mappfest’s charities.

Worcester Mappfest 1Five hundred metres from the main stage, with a good view of the bands performing, it wasn’t long before people began to wander over and take an interest as Collette, one of our course leaders, demonstrated some great techniques for seated massage. Clients sat in chairs, with a towel draped around their shoulders, and received a ten or fifteen minute massage for a donation of their choice. Most people happily dropped notes into our bucket. Several people opted for a massage on one of our tables, with requests for back, shoulder, leg and foot massage. Disposable couch roll, a stack of towels, a hand washing station and wet wipes maintained good hygiene.

Although best delivered with minimal talking once a massage is under way, the social and fun nature of the event meant chatting with talkative clients about their day felt appropriate. The feedback we got was excellent and many people were interested in our training and impressed by how in depth it is. It was a great event to support and fantastic to gain experience of massaging in a festival environment. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and we even got the gazebo packed away before the rain arrived!”

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