Holistic Massage Diploma – Worcester, September 2021

Weekend Month Date
1 September 2021 Saturday 18th
Sunday 19th
2 October Saturday 16th
Sunday 17th
3 November Saturday 6th
Sunday 7th
4 December Saturday 4th
Sunday 5th
5 January 2022 Friday 7th
Saturday 8th
Sunday 9th
6 February Friday 11th
Saturday 12th
Sunday 13th
7 March Friday 18th
Saturday 19th
Sunday 20th
8 April Friday 22nd
Saturday 23rd
Sunday 24th
9 May Friday 20th
Saturday 21st
Sunday 22nd
10 June ** Friday 24th
Saturday 25th
Sunday 26th
11 July*** Saturday 2nd
Sunday 3rd
12 July Saturday 16th
Sunday 17th

** The theory examination will be held on the morning of Friday 24th June.  The Friday afternoon will be free, and the Saturday and Sunday will be as a normal weekend.

***The practical assessments will be held on the weekend of 2/3 July.


10am – 5.30pm on Fridays
10am – 6pm on Saturdays
9am – 5pm on Sundays


Please see the fees on the general information page.

The early bird double discount deadline is 18th July 2021.

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