Student Learning Contract

This agreement sets out arrangements for participation in the Professional Training Course in Holistic Massage run by the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork (BCMB) which starts on XXXXXXXXX and finishing on YYYYYYYY.




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A               BCMB’s Commitment

BCMB will provide training in holistic massage over 27 days (excluding exam days) on the dates and times specified in the Course Registration letter. Students who successfully complete the course and pass all the assessments are awarded the Level 4 Diploma in Holistic Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology from the Massage training Institute (MTI).  This course is monitored by MTI’s Quality Commitment and Assurance system.

B               Student’s Commitment

In signing this Learning Contract, students accept the Terms and Conditions attached to the training course as specified on the BCMB website, in the Course Registration letter sent to each student, the Course Handbook, the Course Manual and also this Contract. BCMB accepts its obligations as set out in its policies and procedures on the BCMB website.

C         COVID-19 Safety Policy

You are required to follow all necessary BCMB procedures for minimising the risk of COVID-19 transmission. A copy of the BCMB Teaching protocol and the student COVID-19 requirements, along with our COVID-19 risk assessment, can be found on the policies and procedures section of the BCMB website


D            Equal Opportunities

BCMB operates an Equality and Diversity Policy, which is available on the BCMB website and which follows the provisions of the Equality Act 2010. Students are required to respect that policy as an important of this Learning contract. All students have the right to be treated fairly and reasonably throughout the course, whatever their gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental capacity, personal or religious beliefs, race and ethnicity or age.

E               Safeguarding

BCMB operates a safeguarding policy for students and clients, available on the BCMB website. This applies the standards embedded in this Learning Contract.

F                Attendance and Catch-Up

Students will attend the course at the times specified in the Course Registration letter and on the website, unless exceptional circumstances prevent them from doing so. In such cases, students will notify the teaching team in advance and make arrangements for catch up tutorials.

Students who fall sick at short notice should contact a tutor by mobile phone, with a text or voicemail. They should not call the office phone or leave a message on the group’s Facebook page.

There is a BCMB minimum attendance requirement of 80% ie 21 days out of 27.   If a student needs to miss any of the course, s/he will make arrangements with the course tutors to attend a catch up session. This will be charged at the rate of £35 per hour. One day of the course can usually be caught up in a 2 hour session ie a total cost of £70.  How much catch up will be required in each case is at the discretion of the teaching team. Often there is a need for more input at an earlier stage of the course.

In addition, massage exchange sessions with course tutors are also available at £35 per hour, costing £70 for 2 hours.

G                Personal Disclosure and Confidentiality

Students are required to notify BCMB of any physical or mental health issues that may affect their participation in and successful completion of the massage course.  This is part of BCMB’s duty of care to all students, the teaching staff and the general public. This information is held in the strictest confidence by BCMB staff and is not disclosed to anyone else without permission. It enables BCMB to assess each student’s support needs and how those needs might be met. Failure to disclose relevant information might adversely affect a student’s participation in and completion of the course.

Also any personal information disclosed by students during teaching sessions, including catch-up and exchange, may be shared between relevant staff team members. This is part of the team’s supportive role towards students.   Such information will go no further without explicit permission.   This provision may not apply if there is a safety issue for other students or staff or if BCMB suspect that criminal activity might be involved. BCMB adheres to the Data Protection Act 1998.

H               Personal Support

This course takes a holistic perspective, including physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of massage therapy. Thus during the course students may need to consider their emotional issues and responses, physical symptoms and spiritual journey. However, the course is not a substitute for personal therapy, whether through counselling or psychotherapy, physical treatment or spiritual guidance. If necessary, students will seek such support outside the course environment.

I               Course Completion

In order to be entered for the final MTI assessments, students must satisfy BCMB’s requirements regarding their:

  • Folder of work including the 50 hour massage practice diary, personal journal and BCMB’s set assignments, known as Milestones
  • Full body massage
  • Standards of Professional Conduct (see below)
  • Payment of all course fees

Note that MTI also require the folder of work (QC5) and full body massage (QC4) to be satisfactory before the final assessments can be entered.

In order to be awarded the MTI Diploma, students must also pass the:

  • Written Examination in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology and the
  • Individual practical examination.

BCMB will give extensive guidance and preparation to complete these tasks successfully.

J                 Standards of Professional Conduct

The following conduct is seen as essential by BCMB and MTI, to reassure all students and the general public of the standards being worked to.  This code should be read in conjunction with the MTI Code of Ethics for Student Practitioners attached at Appendix A. Although these issues are rarely a matter of dispute, inappropriate conduct could prevent a student from graduating, or even mean s/he is asked to leave the course:

  1. Being sensitive to others’ needs; having the consistent ability to establish, maintain and develop rapport. In particular, respecting boundaries around appropriate touch, showing discretion around undressing and draping.
  1. At the same time, taking care of oneself e.g. undertaking massage when confident that one has the stamina and ability to focus.
  1. Taking necessary steps, if needed, to resolve issues with other course members. Seeking support including mediation, as required, from the training team.
  1. Demonstrating appropriate confidence in oneself, one’s skills and massage in general, to clients and others eg not putting oneself down or demonstrating to clients or colleagues that one expects failure.
  1. Social reliability: being on time; keeping promises; honouring confidentiality; respecting professional and ethical requirements; maintaining boundaries.
  1. Maintaining a professional appearance; personal hygiene, tidiness and appropriate clothing.

K                Course Fees

Students accepting a place on this course are liable for the full fees, as specified on the BCMB website and in the Course Registration letter.  Fees are payable either by lump sum (with a discount) or by instalments but the liability for full fees remains, whichever form of payment is chosen.

The fees include all tuition and examination fees, course manuals, MTI textbook in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, tutor support and feedback during the course. They do not include equipment such as a massage table, oils and towels, other books, or additional supervision sessions.

Students experiencing difficulty with the course should communicate as soon as possible with the teaching team. Course fees are only refundable in exceptional circumstances.

L               Insurance and DBS

BCMB requires all students on its professional level courses to take out insurance. Students are expected to arrange and pay for this themselves. BCMB will send students an insurance form with their registration packs.  This should be completed and returned to Balens, our insurer, as soon as possible.  Students must make sure they are insured before the course start date otherwise they will be in breach of their learning contract

The Massage Training Institute and BCMB also strongly recommends that students are DBS checked. This is most useful for placements involving work with children and /or vulnerable adults.  Currently the cost is £56 and this is paid for by the student. BCMB will provide instructions for getting a DBS check and will verify the application.

M               Disciplinary Procedures and Complaints

BCMB operates a Disciplinary Procedure for breaches of this Learning Contract and especially the code of professional conduct. This is available on the BCMB website as is the BCMB Complaints policy.

In signing below, students agree to be bound by this Learning Contract. They should also sign the MTI Code of Ethics at Appendix A.

The signed Learning Contract must be returned to the BCMB office within one week of a course starting. Students who do not do this may be asked to leave the course.

Name:                                                                                                  Signature:

(please print)


Signed on behalf of BCMB:                                                              Date:


Please check the postal address we have used and note any corrections here:


May your personal details be put on a list of course members?          Yes     No

This is very helpful to facilitate group support and learning.






Tutor – please ask student to sign and attach this form to the student learning contract.



The Massage Training Institute (MTI) is committed to ensuring that the highest standards of teaching and practice are maintained at all times.



2.1    Students must ensure they are competent to give massage in the best interests of the client. If this is not possible, through ill health – mentally or physically – the student should refrain from practising.

2.2    Students should be aware of their limitations and seek advice from their tutor where necessary.

2.3    Students should not make any kind of medical diagnosis of or prescribe treatment for a client unless qualified to do so.

Students should ensure that clients are aware of the complementary nature of the treatment and advise them to seek medical help wherever appropriate.

Students must be aware of contra-indications to massage and have a responsibility to ask clients about any medical treatment and medication, and to be able to consult the GP, if appropriate.

2.4    Students must not make any claims to cure.

2.5    Students should be aware of the laws prohibiting complementary therapists from treating certain medical conditions. It is an offence to massage a woman in childbirth, or for ten days thereafter, without the consent of a medical practitioner.

2.6    Students must comply with their school’s student learning contract.



3.1    Students should be mindful of the responsibility they have to their fellow students and clients; shall not abuse the trust placed in them and shall at all times act with integrity.

3.2    Students must ensure that confidentiality is maintained. Consent of the client must be obtained, if any information is disclosed, except in the case of professional supervision or when the law requires this.

3.3    Students must not engage in sexual activity with their client.

3.4    In the case of a client under the age of 16 years, the parent must be in the room when the child is being massaged. See also Section 13.1 ‘Working with children’.

3.5    Students shall have respect for the religious, political and social views of any individual irrespective of race, colour, creed, sex or sexual orientation.

3.6    Students shall at all times maintain high standards of hygiene, both personal and in the learning and work environment.

3.7    Students must not allow inappropriate feelings or behaviour to intrude with fellow students or clients,

3.8    Students must respect and demonstrate boundaries around appropriate touch, undressing and draping.

3.9    Students should demonstrate the appropriate personal qualities expected of a massage practitioner during the course.



4.1    Students shall agree to observe this code of practice and agree to be bound by any disciplinary action that it may be necessary for MTI to take against them, by signing the declaration below.



I ………………………………………………………… (block capitals) agree to observe the Massage Training Institute’s Code of Ethics for Registered Student Practitioners and agree to be bound by any decision taken by MTI by way of disciplinary action, should this be necessary.


Dated ………………………………………….   Signed ………………………………………………………………

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