Insurance & DBS


  1. Insurance is obligatory for student undertaking trainings at BCMB and it is the student’s responsibility to insure themselves.  This is in the region of £15pa.  Remedial and Sports Massage Students who already have insurance through the MTI Block Scheme with Balens can add Remedial/Sports Massage to their policy at no extra cost.
  1. Students are sent an insurance proposal form with their joining packs. These need to be completed and returned direct to Balens. Students should display their policy certificate at the front of their study folders.
  1. This will also make it easier for students to participate in events where BCMB offers massage treatments e.g. the Harbourside Festival.
  1. Students who are already qualified and insured therapists in another complementary health discipline, will need to add massage to their existing policy.  They should arrange this and show their new insurance certificate to their course leader within the first month.


  1. The Disclosure and Barring Service provides checks of people’s criminal records. A Certificate is issued which is the personal property of the individual concerned. Whilst DBS checks are not yet mandatory for massage therapists (see note 8 below), they might be a requirement of the particular organization where massage therapy is to be offered, especially any that concerns the care of children or vulnerable adults.
  1. BCMB often receives requests for volunteer massage therapists from charities who insist on an enhanced DBS check; for example, a women’s aid centre.
  1. BCMB strongly recommends that all students should have a DBS check. To encourage this, students can pay to obtain a DBS check through BCMB, which is registered with the company Total CRB. Whilst the level of check is a matter for the individual student to decide, we recommend the enhanced level rather than standard.
  1. Note that the regulatory body for massage is the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). The CNHC holds the voluntary registers for massage therapists as directed by the Professional Standards Authority.

As the CNHC is not a regulatory body listed in subsection (3) of section 25 of the National Health Service Reform and Health Care Professions Act 2002, its registrants are not yet required to be DBS checked. However, given the recent agreement that GP’s can refer patients to CNHC registered practitioners, is it only a matter of time before this is introduced. Hence BCMB encourages its students and graduates to get ahead of the game.


January 2016

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