Covid-19 risk assessment, procedures and information

Following the lifting of Covid 19 restrictions on Monday 19 July the BCMB Board have reviewed and revised our Covid-19 protocols.  These changes are fully in line with the latest government guidance
and have been guided by four principles which are at the heart of our decisions:
1) We will continue to adhere to any ‘must do’s’ from a government level.  
  • These are based on the guidance for England, and we will support and advise students who live in Wales and may have to adapt this for home practice.
2) Our decisions are based on current scientific evidence as we understand it.  
  • Knowledge and data around Covid has improved over the last year, and at present, all current evidence is showing that the risk of contracting Covid through touch is very low, and the main transmission route is​ through airborne particles.   
  • This means that we will be reducing some of our measures around wiping surfaces and other measures designed to reduce risk through contact.
  • However, it also means that we need to become extra – careful around the measures we have in place to reduce airborne transmission – ventilation, mask wearing and social distancing.
3) We believe it is important that all users of BCMB – students, staff, practitioners and clients – feel safe and supported during this transition. We know that while some will welcome the changes made at BCMB and in the wider world,  it may be a cause of concern for others.  We will continue to offer a non-judgemental environment based on mutual respect for individual choices.
  • If you want to retain higher levels of caution – for example continuing to wear gloves and aprons, requesting that your swap partner wears gloves and aprons, limiting the number of partners you work with, working with people who have chosen to be vaccinated, etc, then please talk to your tutor so we can accommodate you where we can.
  • We ask you all to respect and support each other so no-one feels unable to speak their needs. 
4) Remain vigilant! Covid has not gone away, and we will need to continue to respond accordingly as the situation changes.  We expect all users of BCMB to risk assess each situation and to take the appropriate measures accordingly. 
We will review our measures again in September 2021, when the impact of the planned lifting of restrictions becomes clear. 
Here is a list of what will change in practice on a day to day at BCMB from 20 July 2021
  • You must wear a Type IIR surgical face mask when giving and receiving massage unless exempt
  • You must wear a Type IIR surgical face mask when at BCMB, not a cloth face covering. Evidence is currently showing that cloth masks are ineffective and we need to ensure good protection due to the close contact nature of our work
  • You will no longer need to change tops either on arrival or between clients
  • You must continue to wear a face covering when in the communal areas of the college.
  • In clinic rooms or class rooms, if less than 2m distancing between people then masks should be worn.  You can remove your mask when seated/maintaining a 2 m distance from each other when not massaging.
  • You do not need to wear a visor for massage or for consultation but you do need to wear a Type IIR surgical face mask and maintain distance. 
Hygiene and Cleaning
  • We will continue to provide hand sanitiser at the entrance to BCMB and in the teaching rooms, kitchen and toilets and we would encourage you to use this or wash your hands between clients/swaps
  • We will continue to wipe down tables between clients
  • We will wipe all contact areas (light switches etc) twice weekly, after the high traffic days at BCMB
  • Hygiene wipes and spray will be available if you wish to wipe handles, surfaces etc in the kitchen and toilets or elsewhere

We have worked hard to produce a robust set of procedures and risk assessment to keep all who come to BCMB safe, and we are proud that these are being used as exemplars within the Massage Training Institute (MTI) training schools.  We want to uphold a ‘gold standard’ for Covid-19 safety, making sure that:

  • we are doing what needs to be done according to the latest guidance
  • we continue to lobby the government for good practice via MTI
  • we are at the forefront of change as advice and guidance is updated

Procedures and Risk Assessment – please note these are in the process of being updated according to the information above. We expect this to be complete by end July 2021

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