Complaints Procedure

  1. Learners who have a complaint against any aspect of BCMB’s conduct, whether by teaching or administrative staff, are asked to notify the Director as soon as possible by email or letter, setting out the content of the complaint and all related circumstances.
  2. Learners may contact the Director on his personal email or mobile as these communications are entirely confidential. Details as follows:
    Email: Phone: 07986 360845
    Address: BCMB Director, Lower Ground Floor, 109 Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3EU
  3. Complaints will be acknowledged within 24 hours of being received. If the Director is not available, a deputy will have been appointed as Investigating Officer. This will be a senior member of BCMB staff. If there is a potential conflict of interest, then a suitable alternative from outside BCMB may be appointed, with the complainant’s agreement. This may include an MTI tutor or regional rep from outside BCMB.
  4. Complaints will be investigated thoroughly and personally by the Director or appointed Investigating Officer. This may include a meeting with the complainant to examine all the evidence involved.
  5. A full response will be made to the complainant within 21 days of the complaint being received. This may include any appropriate reparation.
  6. Should the complaint concern the Director himself, learners should contact:
    Sarah Mclellan, Course Leader, BCMB, Lower Ground Floor, 109 Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3EU
    Email:  Phone: 0117 946 6371
  7. The complaint will be investigated by 2 other members of the teaching team, acceptable to the complainant. The investigation will be conducted independently of the Director.
  8. BCMB will also fulfill its duty of responsibility towards external investigations, whether conducted by MTI, the police or other relevant authorities.
  9. Students who are not satisfied with the outcome of this process may submit a complaint to MTI under the MTI Student Complaint Procedure



July 2015

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