Partner Massage

Indulge in a unique massage experience with our partner massage days and evenings at Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork.
Whether you’re attending as a couple or with a cherished friend, immerse yourselves in the art of touch and conscious communication. 
These workshops are designed to lay the groundwork for partners, fostering an understanding of the profound impact of touch and instilling confidence to continue the practice at home.

We cover practical aspects of touch and massage as we introduce fundamental principles and techniques to kickstart your partner-massage journey. Our workshop goes beyond the basics, exploring the subtleties and nuances of this intimate practice, emphasising the dynamics of giving and receiving essential to any consensual and conscious massage and touch interaction.
During the workshop, we’ll guide you through communication practices, techniques, and essential principles tailored for partners eager to embark on this shared journey of mutual relaxation. Develop a purposeful, effortless, and enjoyable quality of touch that will deepen your connection and enhance your at-home massage experiences.

Our workshop promises an enriching exploration of the world of massage, ensuring you and your companion leave with newfound skills and a deeper appreciation for the art of touch.
What to expect?

  • welcome- warm-up – opening circle
  • connecting partner practices
  • exploring each other’s preferences – giving and receiving exercises 
  • introducing fundamental massage principles and techniques
  • guided massage practice
  • how to massage arms, hands shoulder, neck, head, face, legs, feet and back
  • exploring comfortable massage positions including side lying
  • sharing and closing circle
    Please note that all massage will be floor based.
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