Supervision Groups

Supervision is a forum to enable practitioners to get their personal and professional needs met in a massage community setting.  This may include sharing, celebrating, asking questions, practising techniques and experimenting – all within a safe, supportive and facilitated environment.

BCMB tutors currently offer supervision in Bristol, Worcester, Bath and Wooton-under-Edge

Supervision sessions also count towards Continuing Professional Development requirements for the Register of the MTI Professional Association.

To join a group, contact the leader concerned.

Pip Instone (Clifton)

Tel: 07748272093

Wednesday afternoon group – Clifton

Sarah Hoare (Clifton and Horfield)
Monday morning group – Clifton
Thursday afternoon group – Clifton
Friday morning group – Horfield
One to one supervision by arrangement

Sarah Mclellan (Clifton)
Tel: 07783 943 298
Morning Group – Tuesday

Tim Bartlett (Clifton)
Tel: 07525 006880
Morning Group – Thursday
Afternoon and Evening Group – Friday

Peter Kramer (Clifton)
Tel: 07514 709321
Evening Group – Thursday

Jeremy Dymond (Clifton)
Tel: 07967048
Evening Group – Thursday every 6 weeks 7:30 – 9:30 pm

Sarah Cohen (Bransford and Pershore)
Tel: 01386 861 931

Thursdays at the Fold, Bransford, from 10 – 12.30 and is generally the 3rd Thursday of month

Tuesday meets at Lower Moor from 10 – 12.30 on the last Tuesday of each month

Cleo Struggles

Tel: 07969 178027

Monthly sessions on a Friday – call for details

Colette Hardiman

Tel: 01684 311490

One to one and occasional group sessions – call for details

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