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Who can benefit?

Our Advanced workshops in Bristol and Worcester are designed to extend the skills, experience, and the creative possibilities open to qualified practitioners of massage.  Please contact us if you are unsure whether you qualify.

As well as our own in-house workshops led by our tutors, we have a number of visiting tutors who run their own courses at BCMB (see ‘External Workshops’ below). These are experienced teachers and we are confident that they are fully aligned with the BCMB/MTI ethos as well as leaders in their fields of expertise.

As well as our own in house massage workshops at BCMB, we are very pleased to host a number of other experienced workshop tutors who run courses from BCMB, many of whom are leaders in their fields.   These workshops are open to qualified massage or other bodywork practitioners only.


Bodyful – with Ali Rose

Somatic enquiry to deepen embodiment and inform relational presence.

Next courses at BCMB: Monthly on Wednesdays 7pm -9pm (April 3rd, May 1st, June 5th)

Please click here to find out more and book.


Susan Findlay – Oncology Massage

Next courses at BCMB: TBC

Please click here to find out more and book.


Ruth Duncan – Myofascial Release UK

Ruth Duncan is the leader of Myofascial Release UK and an internationally renowned expert in Myofascial Release.  Ruth runs courses for those new to myofascial work and for experienced practitioners looking to extend their skills including a Myofascial Diploma.

Next courses at BCMB: October 3rd – 8th 2024.

Ruth is offering various MFR workshops. Please visit MFR UK for more information and bookings. 


Nicolle Mitchell – Massage For Dementia

Join Nicolle on her an award winning course providing you with a toolbox of specialist massage & communication techniques to give you the confidence to connect meaningfully with persons who live with dementia, enabling them to enjoy positive touch on their terms. Open to bodyworkers, dementia professionals, carers, friends & family.

Next course at BCMB: TBC

Bookings, dates and details


Leora Sharp – Hands Free Massage

Leora Sharp has been a massage practitioner since 2008 and very early on in her career, realised the importance of needing to work as Hands Free as possible. To that end, in 2009 she trained with Darien and was so blown away with Hands Free Massage, that she offered to assist him on his 8 Day Advanced Training. Her role slowly transformed into co-teacher and she then started teaching solo in 2016. She is continually bold over how amazing HFM is and the benefits it brings to practitioners to sustain their careers and how marvellous it feels for clients to receive. She founded and facilitated the Bath Practitioner Group for 12 years. Alongside teaching HFM, Leora has a private practice at Neal’s Yard in Bath and designs websites for complementary health professionals.


Two Day Basic Hands Free Massage Training 

Hands Free Massage can help save not only your hands but your whole body too and in turn, extend your career.

This training is designed to introduce you to some HMF principles and a few techniques for the back, arms and legs. This will help you to start saving your fingers, thumbs and wrists. Don’t wait for strain to develop – act now!  And if strain has developed, come and get some new tools in your toolkit, to save your body and your career.

Summary of the training

You’ll learn how to use the ‘soft forearm’ (bellies of the flexors) for:

  • Firm sweeping strokes on the back, arms and legs. This is great for the replacement of hands for effleurage as well as muscle lengthening for the arm flexors and triceps, legs muscles posterior, medial, lateral of calves & hamstrings
  • Shorter strokes (sliding focused pressure) for more specific areas of tension
  • Techniques for the shoulders; rhomboids, levator scapular and upper trapezius (this touches on work from the Advanced Training)
  • How to apply this focused pressure in a skilful and sensitive way and monitor and adapt it appropriately
  • How to blend these techniques smoothly into your massage
  • How to support all of the above with good bodyuse rather than working too hard with your arms and shoulders

That HMF you learn can easily be incorporated into your massage. Forearms are powerful tools and with experienced tutors you will learn to use them skilfully and sensitively. You’ll start to understand how you can work deeper with less effort and without pain, for you and your clients.

About your tutors: Leora Sharp and if the number of attendees dictates we need 2 tutors, Darien Pritchard will co-teach. Darien has been pioneering Hands Free Massage Training in the UK since the 90’s and Leora has been teaching alongside him since 2009.

One of our many happy attendees

“Thank you for a great course. I learnt so much and I’m eager to start using my new techniques. They will be a lifesaver. No aches or pains today!”

(And then a few months later…) “The techniques I learnt on this course have been a lifesaver for my hands and wrists.  They have been less painful since implementing better body positioning and posture when massaging. Leora is a wonderful tutor full of enthusiasm and experience. I’m so glad I did this course!” – Samantha L 2023

Location: BCMB Bristol

Dates: TBC

More info and booking:


Heidi Armstrong – Moxa for Reflexologists and 5 Elements for Reflexologists 

As well as teaching massage workshops at BCMB focussed on women’s health and Eastern influenced technique, Heidi runs her own workshops for reflexologists.  Heidi has been working as a therapist for nearly 30 years and is  qualified in massage, Shiatsu and reflexology She has been devising and teaching her own courses for 14 years, including running the Bath School of Reflexology. Heidi sits on the Board of the Association of Reflexologists

Next courses at BCMB:

Moxa for Reflexologists – 1 day Face to Face workshop 19th November 2024

5 Elements for Reflexologists – April 29th, 30th, June 10th & 11th (and additional zoom theory sessions) 2024

Bookings, dates and details – please contact Heidi directly on

The programme brings together a highly experienced and talented team of tutors, each of whom has at least 10 years experience in their own field.

These tutor team comprises both BCMB tutors and Guest tutors.


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  3. If you change your mind and want to cancel a Workshop within 7 to 14 days before a Workshop is due to start then provided we can refill your space, we will offer you a full refund less any fees we have been charged by the card payment company for processing the booking. This is usually 3.98% of the ticket price paid plus £0.40. If we cannot refill your space you will not be entitled to any refund.
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CPD points

Participating in one of these workshops gains a Certificate of Attendance and meets MTI (Massage Training Institute) /GCMT (The General Council for Massage Therapy) further training requirements.

Each hour of any workshop accumulates 1 CPD point.


We are following strict Covid-19 guidelines from the government and the Massage Training Institute to make sure that we are operating safely.  We expect all attendees to adhere to our Covid-19 protocols when in the building.


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