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The Diploma in Holistic Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology from the Massage training Institute (MTI).  This is a Level 4 qualification.
Yes.  MTI has played a major role in setting standards at national level.  Andy has represented MTI’s interests on the Council of the industry lead body.
Many BCMB graduates have been successful in using their skills overseas.  There is no formal recognition at Government level between different countries.
We teach you how to massage people not bodies.  In other words, how to relate to clients as individuals and then adapt your massage according to what is needed in the moment.  It means our massage is a creative process, not a routine and that we take into account emotional as well as physical needs.
MTI is the Massage Training Institute.  It is  a group of massage training centres, an examining body and a practitioner association.   BCMB is one of MTI’s main teaching centres.  Andy has been Director of MTI, with particular responsibility for finance and the Practitioner Association.
The qualification is integrated within the course, and is benchmarked at level 4.
Because it is more thorough.  And these days, with Government cuts, other College courses don’t cost that much less! We offer 27 days training over a year, with at least 400 hours of home study and practice.  We include all exam fees, a 3 day residential and offer discounts for up front payment.
Yes, all of our courses offer a range of payment options to help you.  Our certified courses offer you discount if you pay in advance, or the option of paying in month instalments to help spread the costs.

We can no longer offer the Professional Career Development Loan as the government are no longer running the scheme, and we do not offer the government’s 24+ Learning Loan as MTI is an independent accrediting body which is not on the Qualification Curriculum Framework.

If you are based in Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset or South Gloucestershire are in paid work and are receiving benefits or tax credits then you may be eligible for funding from the Future Bright programme

Around 90% for the theory exam and 95-100% for the practical exam.
You can resit the bit you didn’t pass.  There is no need to repeat the course.  We will offer tutorial support to anyone in that position.
Maximum group size is 24, with 4 members of teaching staff.
We offer catch-up sessions if you are unable to attend teaching days. However, you are required to attend 80% of the group teaching days in order to benefit fully from the course.  Full details are set out in a Learning Contract which we ask all students to sign.
Yes, you can join a massage supervision group, we also offer massage practice days and advanced courses (add link here to CPD programme).

Also MTI has a thriving Practitioner Association with an active regional group structure.  Whilst training you are automatically a student member of the Association. You can upgrade on qualifying.

We place considerable emphasis on using your body without strain to best advantage.  We have graduates in their 70’s who are still practising and doing good work.   Through good body use you can minimise the effort and make your work more effective.
No. We teach effective body use to look after your body while massaging.
Not when you use your body well!
We run Introductory Workshops. You can also attend one of our Clinic Days as a client. We run these for students and graduates who are looking to practice.
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