The question of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a crucial one at present in the bodywork community. The Course Leaders at BCMB and Andy Fagg, founder of BCMB and Chair of the board have recorded a chat running through background information and the latest guidance from the UK Government and the General Council for Massage Therapy. We also share our experience of working with PPE so far. Adam Carter, who leads the Remedial and Sports Massage course is an osteopath who returned to work mid-May. Adam’s experience working with PPE has been invaluable in giving us an inside view.

This was recorded on June 30 2020. This is a fast-moving topic, and we will update our information as the guidance changes.

The video is around an hour long, so there’s an index below of key topics and times to help you navigate. We hope you find it useful.

Time Topic
3.12 UK government 24 June 2020
3.50 GCMT
Pre Appointment
6.43 Risk Assessments
10.39 Client screening
16.10 Preparing treatment room
21.11 Clinic protocols – setting the clinic up
23.05 During session
23.16 Client arrives
25.05 Spacing of appointments
28.29 PPE
44.07 Post Treatment
44.20 Cleaning
48.44 PPE Self care
53.40 Follow up – client has Covid 19

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