Workshops Price Changes from January 2017

From January 2017, the following prices rises will occur:

Introductory Workshops:

Current Price – £120 or £100 concessionary rate
New Price – £130 or £110 concessionary rate

Advanced Workshops:

Current Price – Early Bird Price of £65 per day, Full Price of £70 per day
New Price – Early Bird Price of £75 per day, Full Price of £80 per day

Massage Practice Days:

Current Price – £59 or £49 concessionary rate
New Price – £69 or £59 concessionary rate

New Practitioner Training in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Professional Training with Rosalie Samet

Taking bodywork to new dimensions of subtle feelings, sensory awareness and inner experience. Bursts of concentrated learning over a few months quickly build into extraordinary happenings for those who are ready to embrace more awareness, zest for life and everything else that is wonderful.

Course Dates:

Module One:     May  5 – 8,
Module Two:     June 9 – 12,
Module Three:  July  7 – 10
Assessment:     Oct   19 – 20

Course Accreditation: FHT and CThA

Course Fee Payment Options:

Early Bird Lump Sum £950
Lump Sum £1,125
Payment Plan £1,200 with Deposit £450

Venue: Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork

Enrolment and Information:

Please contact Rosalie direct on:,
01273 730508

Course Syllabus

Synthesizing ancient with modern, this Practitioner Training is an authentic, inspiring and spiritual interpretation of traditional massage from Hawaii. Topics include:

  • The Influences of Hawaiian Wisdom upon Massage
  • Hawaiian Massage Skills
  • Self-Awareness. Personal and Spiritual Development
  • Working with Clients

This course is ideal for qualified therapists keen to learn an indigenous massage skill this is unique, luxurious, and practiced by only a few. It appeals to caring people who want to engage more deeply with the true potential of massage in order to make a real difference to their client’s lives as well as their own.

Hawaiian Massage is the traditional healing massage of ancient Hawaii, combining the best of Lomi Lomi and Kahuna Bodywork. In this unique and visually beautiful style of massage, the practitioner uses full hands, forearms and body weight to create long, flowing continuous strokes that sweep over and under the body from head to toe. Luxurious and sensory rich, it leaves a lasting impression of welcoming purity and goodness

This Training offers a rare opportunity to learn this re-discovered art form hidden in the depths of Hawaiian culture for centuries. Inspired by the extraordinary knowledge of the Ancient Hawaiians, learn how to initiate meaningful communication with the intelligence of the body, mind and inner-self through the simplicity and profundity of touch.

Hawaiian Massage brings to life the universal healing power of Aloha, known also as unconditional love.

The Benefits of Learning Hawaiian Massage:

  • Discover the wonderful techniques, attitudes and teachings that create this superlative and unforgettable massage
  • Understand how to work with the many shamanic forces that create the profound healing power of this life-changing massage therapy
  • Take your massage to unexpected levels and new worlds of possibility
  • Have fun and experience the joyful delights and rewards as each day of Training offers deepening insights, unique skills, profound beauty and highly effective approaches to healing and personal development

The Benefits of Receiving Hawaiian Massage

Hawaiian Massage offers a host of wide ranging benefits across the whole spectrum of human well-being.  Simultaneously encompassing the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic clients feel deeply nourished, revitalized, relaxed, enriched and happy to be alive.

 Rosalie SametTutor

Rosalie Samet is a leading Master Practitioner and Trainer in the sacred art of Hawaiian Massage and founder of the Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre. A dedicated pioneer in bringing Hawaiian Massage to the UK over the last twenty six years, her trainings are profound, compelling, insightful and life-changing.
01273 730508

Pondering Poulstone

Reflections on the residential weekend of the Holistic Massage Diploma.
By Imogen Quilley.

It was a relief to get away from life in busy Bristol and breathe in the fresh countryside air. The stillness of rural Herefordshire contrasted greatly with the constant background noise of traffic trundling down Park Street. Being there suddenly reminded me of Malvern where I grew up and how  calming it is there too. The house itself was beautiful: characterful without being dated. The top to bottom windows and high ceilings that looked out onto expansive fields gave a real feeling of space. I was happy to be sharing a bedroom with Marianna and Bronwen, as well as our excitement to actually have arrived at Poulstone.

Consolidating our intentions for the weekend was a helpful way to start off. Mine were to enjoy the outdoors and to gain more self confidence in becoming a qualified massage therapist – a common theme with many others in the group. Being halfway through the course meant that we had reached the tipping point in our journeys. From having spent the previous five months gathering a repertoire of skills, we would now be learning how to use them in the most skilful way with clients.

PoulstoneOn Friday morning we were thrown into doing some 5 Rhythms dancing. At first it felt strange to be doing but gradually the group began to embrace it. We started with flowing movements, moving on and changing into staccato, chaos, lyrical and finally stillness. When danced in sequence they’re like the process of a breaking wave. It was a lovely way to let go. I think that strangely if you can manage to lose your inhibitions, people will look on not with judgement but envy at all the fun you’re clearly having! I found the Ecstatic dance session lead by Sarah equally liberating, and he power of free movement as a way to release emotions and connect with yourself will stay with me.

The full body massage swap afterwards was a good chance to tie our compartmentalised approaches to practice into a more connected whole. I felt reasonably self assured that I could feel(!) my way and rely on what I’d learnt so far. It was nice to have totally unbroken focus for an hour and to know that our work was being observed. Receiving such encouraging written feedback from all the tutors once we’d finished confirmed just how supportive they are.

I enjoyed the Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology sessions with Tim and Yvonne, who’ve come in to teach us the theory side of things since the fifth weekend. They deepen our understanding of the human body which is then closely related to our massage work. The sessions are memorable in how interactive and fun they make them: we felt what the consistency of fascia is like by sticking our fingers into cornflour custard, and the brain with a plate of wobbling jelly.

The Cabaret on Saturday night was brilliant and open to anyone who wanted to sign up. Chez and Jess stole the show with their improvised ‘cell rap’ and their sweet, melodic harmonies. I really admired them for daring to be vulnerable in order share their creative sides. Marianna and I both read out a poem, and Micheal performed a fantasy fiction piece. It was an eclectic night, which provoked many misty eyed smiles and lots of laughter. Grooving at the end of the show to Rose’s vinyl record player came naturally, and I remember going to bed feeling wonderfully knackered.

On Sunday we role played the initial consultation that we will start to introduce into our massage work. We learnt to use a variety of questions to find out information such as someone’s previous experience of massage, the ways they use their body and any problem areas they might want attended to. It gives a space in which the clients physical and emotional needs can be heard, and supports the intention to achieve that 50/50 relationship. This is where you work with each other to achieve the best possible massage. It felt like the right time in the course to be adding the consultation in as treading the line between ‘learner’ and professional has at times been tricky. It’s more comfortable I thought be client focused.

The food we were so lucky to eat together at breakfast, lunch and dinner cannot go without mention. I noticed how the ring of the dinnertime bell brought about a practically Pavlovian response. We would queue up with our plates at the ready and help ourselves to a buffet of dishes that were varied and really delicious. Even though the food was vegetarian I didn’t once wish that there was meat. They did a wonderful job of looking after us over the whole weekend should be very proud.

And so finally the big question is… were the intentions set out at the start of the weekend satisfied as much as our stomachs? I can only speak for myself in saying that I certainly reconnected with nature (through some brisk morning runs and a leisurely stroll) and I definitely saw the potential to become a competent massage therapist. Poulstone provided a space in which to reflect on our progress so far and to start thinking about what our personal trajectories with massage might be. I know that after we qualify in July we will look back and appreciate each phase of course, but our time at Poulstone will stand out as the extra special weekend that encouraged and enriched us all.

Reflection on the Holistic Massage Course by Annie Johansen

Annie Johansen started the Holistic Massage Diploma back in September 2015.  She has kindly shared her reflection on the course so far. This is an exercise all holistic massage students are asked to undertake half way through the course.

What were your expectations and anxieties at the start of the course? Which of these have been met? Is there anything you need to do about them now and if so, what?

I have wanted to study massage for so many years now (9 to be precise, 7 since I took the plunge and first got in touch with BCMB) and after many jobs, 2 babies and a whole lot of soul searching I am finally doing it! I spent a good few months gathering information about different massage courses in and around Bristol, looking at course content and trying to work out what would suit me and before I applied, I visited BCMB. The moment I stepped through the door I knew this was the course for me. My expectations (which have been met!) were that there would be far more hands on practise then other courses, that we would be learning how to massage without damaging our own bodies and we would be practically applying APP knowledge as we are massaging people. The course has surpassed my expectations with the self-reflection work, holistic approach, energy work, and so many more additions to massage and body work! My anxieties were that with two small children and a job I would find the course too much and not be able to cope. This hasn’t been the case at all, if anything the fact I am being regularly massaged, enjoying the meditation homework and the student practice sessions at BCMB working so well for me, I am actually feeling more calm than I have done in a long time!

Consider the 4 massage principles we have been working with, do they work for you and if so how? Is there anything you would like to change?

Self-Awareness: I love the self-awareness principles, the activities we have been doing from the anchors meditation to the energy work on ourselves, feels like not only am I helping others with massage, but this course is really helping me to slow down, calm down and notice myself. Which, as I imagine most mothers would agree, is something quite easily brushed to one side when you are trying to look after two other humans! I think this is hugely important in massage practise, as you need to look after yourself and be grounded before you can start working on helping others!

Quality of Touch: This is something that I think is hugely important – before the course I have had ‘alright’ or sometimes rubbish massage and not been able put my finger on why and after studying (and practicing the quality of touch exercises on myself) I can fully see why! 50/50 touch is incredibly important and the best feedback I have had are the massages I have felt were amazing, showing the 50/50 principle in reality.

63770_3528_1_M036Posture and Movement: Correct posture and movement during massage was one of my expectations before the course started and I was so pleased it was one of the first things we learnt. Before I had even got anyone onto my table I knew how to stand, how to use my body so that I didn’t get into any bad habits before hand and have to relearn! This is one of the most valuable lessons and something I still have to remind myself to do, sometimes I feel like I’m struggling with a massage and then I realise my shoulders are up, and my stance is all wrong. To have that as a starting point has made massage so much easier to do!

Rapport and Communication: I am quite a sociable person and verbal communication comes quite easily, so it has been really great to learn and work on my non-verbal communication – listening to and responding to people’s bodies, their breathing and body language. I am a fast talker, which in my current world of marketing works well, but this is something I have to work on and especially not filling silences in consultations with chatter, but simply allowing clients to talk, at their pace, about their bodies!

Which areas of the course do you find most enriching and /or challenging? How might these areas unfold? What are your needs for the remainder of the course?

I find the hands on practise the most enriching – I love to massage and to be massaged, so this goes without saying that I would like this part the most! I find the APP side fascinating – our bodies are so clever!! I do find this a challenge, but the more we do, the more it comes clearer. I also find that including bone names and muscles in our write ups means they are becoming easier to remember. I think as I have always massaged in an intuitive way, having to think of the body as bones and muscles and label it as we massage is my biggest challenge – I totally understand the importance of it, but I just struggle with this and then when we are working with specific muscles and / or deeper work on muscles I find my confidence takes a knock and I have to really concentrate so I’m probably not as grounded or 50/50 – I would imagine I am streaming!

How has your experience of the course to date affected the rest of your life? Are there possibilities or potentials from the rest of your life that might inform your massage and vice versa? How might you pursue these?

I would say it has rounded my life, I no longer feel the need to constantly think ‘what if’ I study massage as I am doing it! It has made me appreciate the life I have made for myself, my children and how far I have come. I think instead of trying to change myself into the calm, laid back person I am probably never going to be, the self-awareness exercises make me realise it is fine to be me most of the time if I can have my escape into calmness with massage, both giving and receiving. I think empathy and understanding from my own life informs the massage I give – I also think this will be ongoing and my massage will grow with me as I grow.

What massage means to me?

Massage is my calmness, my escape and my rest. It restores my energy and leaves me feeling whole again. I feel like I can fly or that I am floating on water, waves of relaxation wash over and inside me and leave me refreshed and restored. It is like someone presses reset and for that hour I am updating – so no one can reach me or use me or distract me. I don’t have to please anyone, or talk or crack a joke. I am simply me, lying quietly while someone else controls my body. I don’t have to worry or write lists or even think, I can just be still and appreciate that for this hour at least I am hidden from the world!

Escapism  –  Restoration  –  Contentment

Thai Massage Open Evening

We are holding an Open Evening on Thursday 26th November from 7:00pm to 9:00pm for our Thai Massage Diploma which starts in January.  The open evening will be held at the colleges premises on Pembroke Road in Clifton.

If you’re interested in expanding your skills in this areas, this open evening is the perfect opportunity to speak to the staff and find out more detailed information about the course.

The evening will consist of the following:

7:00pm – Arrive
7:15pm –  Presentation & demo
7:45pm – Workshop
8:30pm – General conversation around course
9:00pm – Finish

This course is perfect for those new to massage looking to gain a comprehensive qualification enabling them to practice professionally as a Thai massage therapist, or those already holding a massage qualification and looking to expand their skills.

Please e-mail or call us on 0117 946 6371 to put your name down for the open evening.

CPD Workshops 2016

Next years CPD workshops are now on the website for you to book onto.  We’re pleased to still offer some of our favourites such as Lower Back & Hips, Freeing the Shoulders, Introduction to Remedial & Sports Massage, Massage and Pregnancy, Chair Massage, and more!

We also have some new workshops available this year which include the following:

Thai Massage and Bodywork

Thai massage is both a remedial and therapeutic massage.   This form of bodywork is growing in popularity but is still misunderstood. I hear stories of being forced into unnatural positions or practitioners walking up and down the back. Asian bodies are amazing for their ability to bend and relax into remarkable shapes. Generally, Western bodies need a little more care. A good Thai massage can encourage flexibility, relaxation and balance and for some the experience is likened to a passive yoga practice. It can educate the receiver about their body, creating a new awareness of what is possible, what is useful and what is less useful. You can walk onto the futon feeling scattered and out of balance and step off the futon feeling grounded, taller and centred.

BCMB_THAI-12The technique: Thai bodywork uses sequences of soft tissue pressing and stretching and joint mobilisation. Sequences are unhurried and flowing. Considered deep tissue techniques are also incorporated for specific attention to muscle groups. This does not have to be painful. In fact, I have strong views about it not being painful. If your body is uncomfortable, why would pain be helpful? If you are in pain, then you need to be nurtured and reassured. The nervous system does not appreciate stress.

The energetic philosophy: Thai massage is centred on the premise that flow and balance of energy or lom is necessary for health and healing. Lom flows through sen (as chi flows through meridians or prana flows through nadis). Any disruption to the flow of energy will affect physical, mental and emotional processes, leading to pain and disease. Focusing on the main sen channels releases any blockages or stagnation. Pressing and stretching muscles makes them more receptive to energy flow. We can also access acupressure points for deeper focused work.

The physical theory: When muscles are tense they contract, whether you are mobile or static. This can occur through repetitive movements, lack of use or emotional tension. The result of this is progressively restricted movement and the onset of stiffness, aches and pains. We often believe this is inevitable as we age, but it may be avoidable with the proper care and attention. Often back pain is caused by muscular tension rather than skeletal irregularities; the shortened muscles pull on the vertebrae and tension runs through the spinal cord, creating back pain, neck pain and headaches. Thai bodywork releases muscle tension and balances energy levels, leading to flexibility and strength in the muscles which allows freer movement of joints. Changes may be subtle but are often long lasting.

BCMB_THAI-1The practice: I work on a futon to enable dynamic movement if appropriate. Before we start, we will discuss the focus of your massage and I will ask you about your story to allow for a holistic and individualised approach. I work through clothes so please wear something comfortable and light – natural fibres are best. A one of appointment is ok but a course of Thai Massage is amazing!

About me: as well as offering Thai Massage, I am a reflexologist and yoga teacher. I am part of the teaching team at Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork where I teach the Thai Massage Diploma, Introductory workshops and assist with MTIs Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology teaching programme. I offer all therapies and yoga classes at Yanley Court in Long Ashton from Monday to Friday. I hope to see you there soon

Yvonne Cattermole

Complementary therapist & teacher


Mobile:      07954 416194

The Head Leads, The Body Follows

Have your heard of the Alexander Technique (AT) but not quite what it is and how it works? On this workshop you will gain hands-on experience of the benefits of the Technique. Through a series of practical examples you will learn how our ingrained habits are often the root cause of excess tension, pain and strain and interfere with our ability to move with freedom and ease. This course has been specifically tailored to massage and bodywork practitioners to put theory into practice in relation to your own methods of working with your clients. This hands-on approach means that by the end of the workshop you will have gained both for yourself and your clients a new perspective in relation to unnecessary tension from simple activities in everyday life such as walking and standing, to more challenging forms of coordinated movement such as those employed in your bodywork.

Here illustrated is one of the practical procedures you will learn on the course – AT ‘semi-supine’ is a well-established form of active rest which will be of practical benefit to you and your clients.



This workshop is running on Saturday 13th June from 10:00am to 5:30pm.

More information about The Head Leads, the Body Follows >

Recruiting APP Tutor

As BCMB continues to evolve, we need to expand our staffing resources. Currently our Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology teaching is done by Tim Bartlett in Bristol and Karen Yarnell in Worcester. To accommodate our expanding range of courses, we need another APP tutor. Are you interested?

The Job

The APP Tutor Role in the Professional Training is a very important one.  It involves delivering the specialised theory sessions of the Holistic Massage Diploma course, over 6 days. Specifically:

W/e 4 (Sun):                          Muscle structure & function

W/e 5 (Fri):                           Cells, Skeletal system and Skin

W/e 6 (Fri/Sat):                    Nervous & Muscular systems

W/e 7 (Fri):                           Digestion, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Lymphatics

W/e 8 (Fri):                           Immune, Endocrine, Homeostasis, Massage Physiology

W/e 9 (Sun):                          Exam Preparation

Note: W/e 6 is the residential, at Poulstone Court near Hereford.

There are 3 Holistic Massage programmes a year, 2 in Bristol and 1 in Worcester. The precise requirement for our new tutor will be negotiated with the whole team.

The role can require 1-1 support or catch up sessions with individual students.

Note: this is a lead tutor role, which will involve being accredited by the Massage Training Institute. The successful applicant will therefore be eligible to teach at other MTI training centres.


The successful applicant will work alongside and be mentored by Tim Bartlett for at least one and perhaps 2 rounds of the Holistic Massage training. The details will be negotiated with the individual concerned.

This will entail:

  • Attending planning sessions with Tim;
  • Attending all the APP sessions, as listed above;
  • Helping to deliver some of the material;
  • Working with individual students as required;
  • Passing the MTI new tutor accreditation process.

Entry Requirements

The MTI criteria are as follows:

  1. Hold a Level 4 massage qualification recognised by the CNHC.
  1. Have 3 years’ experience in applied AP&P, eg in massage or other complementary therapy, medicine, nursing or fitness instruction.
  1. Have 3 years’ teaching experience. This can be in any field. Acting as an assistant teacher on massage trainings can be taken into account as long as it includes some supervised teaching.
  1. Have a recognised teaching qualification. The minimum required level is either a Certificate in Education and Training (CET) or equivalent.
  1. Provide evidence of knowledge of AP&P above that required by the students. This would be:
  • Training which has an AP&P component of greater depth than the MTI syllabus in at least some areas, eg sports massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, medicine, nursing or fitness instruction


    • Portfolio evidence of further AP&P study, eg CPD courses or research projects.

In addition, BCMB would prefer the successful applicant:

      • To have completed the BCMB professional training.
      • To have or be developing an independent professional practice.
      • To have been qualified for at least a year.
      • To be in on-going professional supervision.

Note: the successful applicant can study for the teaching qualification during the induction period, so some criteria can be satisfied in parallel.

Terms and Conditions

Staff are hired on a self employed basis. The rate of pay depends on the size of the group and in recent years all Holistic Massage courses have filled. As a not for profit company BCMB acts as a cooperative, so staff fees are negotiated and agreed at the start of each course.

Currently the rate for an APP lead tutor is £275 per teaching day.

The 1-1 sessions are paid for by the students themselves. Current rate is £30 per hour.

What to do Next

If you might be interested, please get in touch with us at:

Please indicate:

      • what interests you about the work.
      • what qualities you would bring to the role.
      • background information including how you will meet the entry criteria.
      • how you would see the work fitting in to your future development.

The closing date for applications is Thursday 11th June 2015 with interviews taking place on Thursday 2nd July. I look forward to hearing from you.


With best wishes

Andy Fagg

BCMB Director

Remedial & Sports Massage Open Evening

Tuesday 2 June @ 6:30 pm8:30 pm

We are holding an Open Evening on Tuesday 2nd June from 6:30pm to 8:30pm for our Remedial & Sports Massage Diploma which starts in September.  The open evening will be held at the colleges premises on Pembroke Road in Clifton.

If you’re interested in expanding your skills in this areas, this open evening is the perfect opportunity to:

  • Come speak to the staff
  • Find out more detailed information
  • Take part in a practical demonstration and hands-on mini-workshop give you a flavour of the types of skills and treatment approach we cover on the course.

This course is aimed at both massage practitioners and those new to massage.  If you do not already hold a massage qualification, candidates can complete the BCMB Introductory Bridging Programme which is a fast track option to gain the skills and knowledge to take on this course.

Please e-mail or call us on 0117 946 6371 to put your name down for the open evening.

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