Recruiting – Office & Facilities Manager

The Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork is looking for an experienced individual to join the College as Office and Facilities Manager. The work is varied and complex, involving organisation and management of all the College’s courses and clinics.

BCMB has a mission to help people fully inhabit their bodies, through:

  • High quality, person-centred training in massage and bodywork
  • Courses at introductory, professional and advanced levels
  • Low cost clinics
  • Highly skilled practitioners
  • Outreach in the community


Duties of the Office and Facilities Manager:

  1. Dealing with all enquiries face to face, via email, post or telephone.
  1. Full support to the College’s training programme and activities:
  • Planning and overseeing training programmes with course leaders;
  • Bookings/application forms;
  • Payments & invoicing;
  • Preparing course materials;
  1. Full support to the College’s Student and Graduate clinics:
  • Planning and overseeing clinic sessions;
  • Liaising with students, graduates and course leaders;
  • Bookings
  1. Upkeep of the College and clinic marketing materials:
  • Arranging the printing of course materials;
  • Updating the website;
  • Arranging advertising;
  • Creating social media posts;
  • Regular mailings to BCMB database.
  1. Accounts management
  • Supervising Office Administrator
  • Preparing account reports
  • Liaison with College accountant, along with College Director.
  1. Facilities management:
  • Monitoring and ordering supplies and stock;
  • Arranging maintenance as required of College resources, including premises.
  • Liaison with Landlord as required, with College Director
  1. BCMB Company Secretary
  1. Other duties as and when required

For more detailed information on this role and how it relates to the Office Manager position, please contact BCMB at: or phone on 0117 946 6371.


Person Specification
Essential Skills:

  • Excellent customer services skills in dealing with a wide range of individuals.
  • Able to maintain confidentiality and sensitivity at all times.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills in dealings whether face to face, in writing or on the telephone.
  • Experience in dealing with conflicting demands and priorities.
  • Good attention to detail.
  • Sales experience.
  • Good IT skills and experience, including website management, ability to use databases, excel and other programmes specific to the college (training will be given).
  • Ability to think ahead, use initiative and work to a timetable of activity.

Desirable Skills:

  • Interest in massage and/or complementary therapies would be beneficial but is not essential.


Terms and Conditions

  • 3 days per week: 9 am – 5 pm (lunch break 1 – 2 pm). The days concerned can be negotiated.
  • Salary: full time equivalent £22,000pa (pro rata) rising to £23,000pa on satisfactory completion of a 6 month probationary period
  • 5 weeks holiday pay + bank holidays
  • Sickness pay: up to 5 days uncertificated; thereafter Statutory Sick Pay applies
  • Pension: to be introduced during the 2016/17 tax year, under auto enrolment


Closing Date and Interviews

Please submit a CV and letter of application explaining why you would be suitable for this role.

Applications will not be accepted after 12 noon on Thursday 14th April. Interviews will take place on Monday 18th April.

Then 2 weeks of training and induction before the person appointed takes up post on 5th May.

N.B. There can be some flexibility over the start date, depending on circumstances.

Reflection on the Holistic Massage Course by Annie Johansen

Annie Johansen started the Holistic Massage Diploma back in September 2015.  She has kindly shared her reflection on the course so far. This is an exercise all holistic massage students are asked to undertake half way through the course.

What were your expectations and anxieties at the start of the course? Which of these have been met? Is there anything you need to do about them now and if so, what?

I have wanted to study massage for so many years now (9 to be precise, 7 since I took the plunge and first got in touch with BCMB) and after many jobs, 2 babies and a whole lot of soul searching I am finally doing it! I spent a good few months gathering information about different massage courses in and around Bristol, looking at course content and trying to work out what would suit me and before I applied, I visited BCMB. The moment I stepped through the door I knew this was the course for me. My expectations (which have been met!) were that there would be far more hands on practise then other courses, that we would be learning how to massage without damaging our own bodies and we would be practically applying APP knowledge as we are massaging people. The course has surpassed my expectations with the self-reflection work, holistic approach, energy work, and so many more additions to massage and body work! My anxieties were that with two small children and a job I would find the course too much and not be able to cope. This hasn’t been the case at all, if anything the fact I am being regularly massaged, enjoying the meditation homework and the student practice sessions at BCMB working so well for me, I am actually feeling more calm than I have done in a long time!

Consider the 4 massage principles we have been working with, do they work for you and if so how? Is there anything you would like to change?

Self-Awareness: I love the self-awareness principles, the activities we have been doing from the anchors meditation to the energy work on ourselves, feels like not only am I helping others with massage, but this course is really helping me to slow down, calm down and notice myself. Which, as I imagine most mothers would agree, is something quite easily brushed to one side when you are trying to look after two other humans! I think this is hugely important in massage practise, as you need to look after yourself and be grounded before you can start working on helping others!

Quality of Touch: This is something that I think is hugely important – before the course I have had ‘alright’ or sometimes rubbish massage and not been able put my finger on why and after studying (and practicing the quality of touch exercises on myself) I can fully see why! 50/50 touch is incredibly important and the best feedback I have had are the massages I have felt were amazing, showing the 50/50 principle in reality.

63770_3528_1_M036Posture and Movement: Correct posture and movement during massage was one of my expectations before the course started and I was so pleased it was one of the first things we learnt. Before I had even got anyone onto my table I knew how to stand, how to use my body so that I didn’t get into any bad habits before hand and have to relearn! This is one of the most valuable lessons and something I still have to remind myself to do, sometimes I feel like I’m struggling with a massage and then I realise my shoulders are up, and my stance is all wrong. To have that as a starting point has made massage so much easier to do!

Rapport and Communication: I am quite a sociable person and verbal communication comes quite easily, so it has been really great to learn and work on my non-verbal communication – listening to and responding to people’s bodies, their breathing and body language. I am a fast talker, which in my current world of marketing works well, but this is something I have to work on and especially not filling silences in consultations with chatter, but simply allowing clients to talk, at their pace, about their bodies!

Which areas of the course do you find most enriching and /or challenging? How might these areas unfold? What are your needs for the remainder of the course?

I find the hands on practise the most enriching – I love to massage and to be massaged, so this goes without saying that I would like this part the most! I find the APP side fascinating – our bodies are so clever!! I do find this a challenge, but the more we do, the more it comes clearer. I also find that including bone names and muscles in our write ups means they are becoming easier to remember. I think as I have always massaged in an intuitive way, having to think of the body as bones and muscles and label it as we massage is my biggest challenge – I totally understand the importance of it, but I just struggle with this and then when we are working with specific muscles and / or deeper work on muscles I find my confidence takes a knock and I have to really concentrate so I’m probably not as grounded or 50/50 – I would imagine I am streaming!

How has your experience of the course to date affected the rest of your life? Are there possibilities or potentials from the rest of your life that might inform your massage and vice versa? How might you pursue these?

I would say it has rounded my life, I no longer feel the need to constantly think ‘what if’ I study massage as I am doing it! It has made me appreciate the life I have made for myself, my children and how far I have come. I think instead of trying to change myself into the calm, laid back person I am probably never going to be, the self-awareness exercises make me realise it is fine to be me most of the time if I can have my escape into calmness with massage, both giving and receiving. I think empathy and understanding from my own life informs the massage I give – I also think this will be ongoing and my massage will grow with me as I grow.

What massage means to me?

Massage is my calmness, my escape and my rest. It restores my energy and leaves me feeling whole again. I feel like I can fly or that I am floating on water, waves of relaxation wash over and inside me and leave me refreshed and restored. It is like someone presses reset and for that hour I am updating – so no one can reach me or use me or distract me. I don’t have to please anyone, or talk or crack a joke. I am simply me, lying quietly while someone else controls my body. I don’t have to worry or write lists or even think, I can just be still and appreciate that for this hour at least I am hidden from the world!

Escapism  –  Restoration  –  Contentment

Reflections on massage and social change: Wellbeing

Through my study of the BCMB Holistic Massage and Bodywork Course I have come to realise that the practice of holistic massage embodies many principles important within social change activism. This realisation has been eye opening in understanding how these practices can and should translate into all walks and areas of life and work.

I have gained a much deeper understanding of wellbeing and self-care and the important transformative nature of this. Having started this course accidentally in a time of experiencing severe burn out, I found incredible healing and understanding of the need for such processes. I may not have fully appreciated these if I had not been in the current mental and physical state that I was in.
Social Change
To me much of what I have learnt about directly translates into and is relevant to the need of transformative self-care and self-awareness within social justice and activism circles. I hope to bring much of what I have learnt into these spaces.

Often in activism and social change work we undervalue the need to look after ourselves in the constant strive to help both society and the planet, often forgetting we are a part of society and a part of this planet. I very easily put the needs of my mind and definitely my body last, running myself into the ground until I am ill and exhausted. I have treated my body as an unimportant casing that is required to house myself in, one that does not require care or nourishment.

Within your massage practice, this line of thinking does not work. You soon realise that without looking after your mental wellbeing you cannot truly give or be present with a client and their needs. You soon realise that not maintaining your physical wellbeing whether that be sleep, eating well, overusing yourself, getting ill, means you do not have the physical ability to give a massage.

Learning that chronic stress is the constant state of flight or fight mode, with muscles in a permanent state of tension, digestion systems disrupted and immune systems repressed, and the cardiovascular system in overdrive made me realise that in not looking after myself I was not giving love to myself.

Activism for positive social change is a constant fight for a better world, and it is a fight where you use the tools of love, beauty, hope and passion to fight repression, oppression and hate.

Taking the time to love yourself well, to care for yourself so you are full of the love, joy, hope and the passion needed is essential.

Being able to understand the intrinsic links and processes between mind and body, the stress response system and the resultant physiological responses has been very eye opening in being able to truly appreciate the need to respect myself, my mind and my body so I can fight for a better world.

Being a person who is always on fast-forward I have found a new appreciation and space in my life for the importance and need for pace, stepping back, and the benefits of being and reflecting.

I have found that in ‘doing’ less, by allowing myself to regenerate and become resilient I am a stronger person, able to give more in the long run.

This is a valuable lesson I have learnt through this massage course that will remain with me for the rest of my life and practice.

By Marianna Musset
Marianna will be exploring the themes of communication, holding space, self-awareness and holistic health as resistance in coming weeks.

How I would like to be touched?

By Imogen Quilley, Holistic Massage Diploma Student

With confidence and sure handedness.

Allow me to forget and not fret,

for the way you choose to make contact with my skin.

You are the explorer and I am your guide,

so feel free to ask questions if you waver inside.

Check in and I’ll help you as much as I can,

but to be honest I don’t mind if you’re without a plan.

Cause I’m checking out of so endlessly thinking,

and instead I’m revelling in that embodied feeling of sinking.


Walktallpilates mat classes at BCMB

Joyce - roll downAre you feeling out of shape, have aches and pains or just plain out of touch with your body?

Get results by coming to Walktallpilates mat classes at BCMB run by highly qualified specialist Pilates instructor Joyce Tyson.

Private and onsite classes also available.

‘I highly recommend Joyce’s fantastic Bristol based Pilates classes. She has a friendly, knowledgeable approach that puts you at ease, relaxed enough to challenge yourself.” Holly

See what else people are saying about her classes.

She is one of the first qualified Pilates teachers in Bristol.

Joyce says, “With 17 years experience I have trained opera singers to mothers, circus performers to the elderly, and love seeing people change, gaining more mobility, strength and confidence.“

She is also qualified to teach ante and postnatal Pilates, Pilates for osteoporosis, and for those with low back pain.

Joyce had extensive training with Body Control Pilates of London (one of the top Pilates schools in the U.K.) which included detailed anatomy and physiology.

joyce 2Her approach is relaxed and supportive, while encouraging you to challenge yourself.

Classes are friendly, focused and lively, with a dash of humour. There is also a sense of community, so you might even make new friends!

The groups are small, so that she can tailor the classes to suit, and she can give as much individual attention as possible.

Coming soon – an online page of exercise suggestions, which only Walktallpilates clients have access to.


Contact 0117 902 4603


Free Meditation Taster Sessions – Monday 1st February

White Grove Holistic’s is coming to BCMB to offer a free, no-obligation, Meditation Taster Session to give you the opportunity to come along and meet Kerry, learn about Meditation and how it may benefit you, and experience a guided meditation. These taster sessions are designed to do just that, give you an idea of what our Meditation Classes are like, and whether you feel they would be a good fit for you.

So, whether you have always wanted to try meditation, struggled with it in the past, have a regular meditation practice but want help in developing it, or even if you are just intrigued as to what it is and how it works, why not come along! We look forward to seeing you there.

Next taster session

Our next Free Taster Session is taking place at BCMB on Monday 1st February 2016, 17:30-18:30

Meditation at White Grove Holistics

Calming your mind and enhancing your wellbeing

Stress is a natural part of life and we have evolved physiological responses to help us combat things which threaten our survival. However in today’s society stress if often chronic and inescapable. This constant state without sufficient rest and recuperation can have significant effects on health and wellbeing.

The normal functioning of the body, collectively known as the Relaxation State, allows the body to heal, rest and perform important maintenance, keeping us healthy and happy. Meditation has been shown to be one way of helping activate this state, and as such may help to reduce the effects of stress. It has also been suggested to be of potential benefit in lowering blood pressure.

At White Grove Holistics, we teach a very accessible form of meditation, and feel that it is important for you to find a way that works for you. Our aim is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment in which you can do this, and help you develop a regular meditation practice with ease and confidence. We are passionate about making meditation accessible to all, and giving people the space and support to experience the potential benefits that meditation can bring.

> Find out more about Meditation


How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork

with David Lauterstein, RMT, Cert.ZB

Wednesday AUGUST 17th – Saturday 20th, 2016

At the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork

If you touch the tissues in a manner that causes the nervous system to relax and energy to flow, you will have the optimum therapeutic benefit. “Deep” is not about pressure; it is about cultivating the individual touch interface that optimally responds to dis-ease, dis-position and destiny. DL

Deep Massage – ‘The Lauterstein Method’, enables the massage therapist to engage with the logic, vitality and beauty of the human body and is David’s unique approach to structural and energetic bodywork. It has its roots in the traditions of Zero Balancing, Rolfing and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

David Lauterstein

David Lauterstein is author of The Deep Massage Book: How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork, Co-founder, The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, recipient of the 2012 and 2013 “Educator of the Year” awards in the U.S. from the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education and AMTA. He has been an enamoured friend and student of Fritz Smith since 1986 and ZB faculty member since 1996.

The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School:


The Venue:

The Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork
109 Pembroke Road,
Bristol BS8 3EU

The Dates: Wednesday 17th August, 9.00am for 9.30 start.

Finishing on Saturday 20th August, late afternoon, around 5.30pm.

The Cost: Earlybird £320 before March 1, 2016   (£360 thereafter).


Prerequisites: Basic Deep Massage

The prerequisite for Basic Deep Massage is that your scope of practice includes touch.   Zero Balancers, Massage therapists, Chiropractors, nurses, and other hands-on health professionals are all welcome.

The Deep Massage Book is required course material for all participants. The cost is £35 including p&p and is available from Sue English.

David’s teaching will broaden your anatomical knowledge, and your understanding of the dynamic life of soft tissue. The effect of the work is unique and deeply satisfying to the mind and spirit, giving your clients a new sense of themselves. Participants will practice with each other enabling them to get valuable feedback as they work.

Deep Massage I

This will give students the skills to complete a Deep Massage session that addresses the entire body. At the heart of this method is the ability to touch energy as well as structure, simultaneously and consciously, with soft tissue fulcrums. This will include an exploration of David’s model of Seven Dimensions of Touch. They will also learn how to use working signs to optimize touch and session design. You will be able to give your clients a complete session when you leave the course.

Prerequisite: Massage or Zero Balancing, or other bodywork qualification, see above.

Deep Massage II

This will introduce different ways to address specific areas of the body – building on what has been previously learnt. You will refine your understanding of Deep Massage theory, learn techniques for deeper muscles and ways to work in side-lying and seated positions.

Prerequisite: DM I

Deep Massage III

There are the words, then there is the song. DM III both deepens and elevates the theory and practice of Deep Massage. Students will explore how to integrate the fulcrum and the Seven Dimensions of Touch into their massage, adding wisdom and artistry to their work, and deeper satisfaction and wellbeing to their clients. DMIII includes tutorials with individual attention.

Prerequisite: DM I and II

These three classes will run concurrently, joining the three groups together for most lectures and discussions, with participants at the different levels working in their individual groups for their hands-on practice.

This workshop will offer 26 hours CPD

There is a three-workshop program leading to certification in Deep Massage: the Lauterstein Method. Those who have already taken Deep Massage workshops with David can count them towards the process.


For Information and Registration: e-mail


“This course is now fully subscribed.  Please contact Zanna Heighton ( to be included in an early mailing list for David Lauterstein’s 2017 course at the BCMB  dates 9th – 13th August.” 

Walktall Pilates every Wednesday Morning

Walktall Pilates

Are you feeling out of shape, have aches and pains or just plain out of touch with your body?

Get results by coming to Walktall Pilates mat classes at BCMB run by highly qualified specialist Pilates instructor Joyce Tyson.

Private and onsite classes also available.

I highly recommend Joyce’s fantastic Bristol based Pilates classes. She has a friendly, knowledgeable approach that puts you at ease, relaxed enough to challenge yourself.” Holly

> See what else people are saying about her classes.

She is one of the first qualified Pilates teachers in Bristol.

With 17 years experience she has trained opera singers to mothers, circus performers to the elderly, and loves seeing people change and gain more mobility, strength and confidence.

She is also qualified to teach ante and postnatal Pilates and Pilates for osteoporosis, and for those with low back pain.

Joyce had extensive training with Body Control Pilates of London (one of the top Pilates schools in the U.K.) which included detailed anatomy and physiology.

Classes are friendly, focused and lively with a dash of humour.

Her approach is relaxed and supportive, while encouraging you to challenge yourself.

The groups are small, so that she can tailor the classes to suit, and she can give as much individual attention as possible.

Coming soon – an online page of exercise suggestions, which only Walktallpilates clients have access to.


Contact Joyce on 0117 902 4603


Massage Marathon for Aid Box Convoy

Recent graduates of the Holistic Massage Diploma from the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork (BCMB) are hosting a weekend massage marathon to raise money for refugees.

On Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th January there will be massages available in the morning (10am, 11am and 12noon) and the afternoon (2pm, 3pm and 4pm).
Each session will last 45 minutes and costs £30 or whatever you can afford to give.

There will be four massages taking place in one room with screens up between each table to ensure privacy – very similar to the graduate and student clinics ​that are ​held at BCMB. The treatment includes consultation, treatment relevant to your needs and after care advice.

Please contact Lydia on 07949 207 155 / and Lucy on 07779 660 105 / to book your massage. 

All the money raised will go to Aid Box Convoy which is a committed team of volunteers from Bristol in the UK ​who are dedicated to the coordination, delivery and distribution of aid at refugee camps in northern France. They exist to provide humanitarian care to refugees and to offer support to the existing charities and organisations on the ground.

The team will also be accepting complete Aid Boxes or items for the Aid Boxes to help the refugees through the winter months. Only boxes with items from the lists on the Aid Box Convoy website ( will be accepted, so please refer to the website before donating.

If you are a massage practitioner and would be interested in donating some of your time, then please also contact Lucy or Lydia.  If you would like to get involved but can’t make it in to BCMB that weekend, you can donate any proceeds from any massages you do that day!


New Workshops to Support New Therapists

Next year BCMB will be able to further support new massage therapists with two new workshops:

Marketing Your Practice: The Essential Beginners Guide with Leora Sharp

This one day workshop on Friday 29th January will support you through the minefield of marking by covering topics such as:

  • Websites – where to start
  • Target market/client group
  • Your special qualities and unique selling point
  • How to attract clients
  • Domain name and email address
  • Key aspects of a successful site/web presence
  • Can/should you build your own website?
  • What to look for in a web designer?
  • What you need ready before contacting a designer?
  • Website content and images
  • Social media
  • Branding
  • Non internet related marketing to boost business
  • And more…

> Book Now

Regulation to Support Inspiration with Catherine Fray

On Friday 12th February, Catherine will guide you through the jungle of legislation required to start running your own business, as a Complementary Therapist.

All the topics are covered briefly, and you are given a comprehensive booklet for future reference. Subjects include:

  • Health and Safety at Work and First Aid.
  • Income Tax and National Insurance.
  • Record Keeping and Banking.
  • Insurances, Special Treatment Licence.
  • Data Protection, Consumer Rights, Trades Description and Equality Acts.
  • Sales and Marketing, PPL Licence, and much, much more.

There will be games, exercises and group work to support your learning.

> Book Now

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