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Andy Fagg

Andy Fagg – Founder and Director

Andy Fagg founded the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork in 1986, and ran it until his retirement from teaching and practice in 2018.  He remains Chair of the BCMB Board and is one of our three Directors.   Andy has been a massage practitioner and teacher since 1984.  His work has been influenced by T’ai Chi, dance, Zero Balancing and Process Work. He was the Director of the Massage Training Institute for 6 years and was Chairperson of MTI for 8 years.  Read more about Andy’s retirement journey.

Sarah Hoare

Sarah Hoare

Sarah trained with BCMB and qualified as massage therapist in 2001. Since then she’s developed a thriving practice in Bristol, sincerely believing that massage makes life better. Sarah began assisting on BCMB courses in 2003 and became a fully fledged tutor in 2007.  After a long career as Course Leader on the Holistic Massage Diploma, Sarah now leads CPD, Intros and Massage Practice Days.  Humour plays a big part in her teaching style as Sarah’s convinced that we learn more easily, and operate more effectively, when we feel relaxed, happy and comfortable. Her qi gong practice also influences her work, with the concept of ‘effortless effort’ striking a real chord. Just as the BCMB training ended up changing her own life, Sarah loves the way that learning about massage and touch becomes such a transformative experience for many.

Teaches: Holistic Intros)Effortless Massage, Deep Tissue Massage

Tim Bartlet

Tim Bartlett

Tim qualified with BCMB in 2001 and has practised in Bristol since. He widened his bodywork experience by qualifying in Sports & Remedial Massage in 2003, and brings his T’ai Chi practice to his work. Tim began assisting on the BCMB professional training course in 2004 and is now a course tutor and an Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology teacher. He is also a trainer, developing effective support services for people with learning difficulties.

Teaches: Remedial & Sports Massage Diploma, Massage for People With Cancer

Gill Ayshford

Gill Ayshford

Gill qualified with BCMB in 2001 and has since worked at building a successful massage and reflexology business and supervision groups in Wotton-Under-Edge. Since 2005, Gill assisted on the professional training courses before stepping down in 2017. She has had a passion for bodywork for many years and started her career later in life, after working as a registered childminder and raising three children.

Teaches: Reflexology for Massage Practitioner, Releasing The Neck , Holistic Intros

Sarah Cohen

Sarah Cohen

Sarah Cohen trained with BCMB in 2004 and practises in Worcestershire.  Involved with massage teaching since 2006 both in Birmingham and with BCMB in Bristol she has been instrumental in bringing BCMB’s professional training to Worcestershire. Sarah came to massage from a career in personnel management and training and running a fresh food retail business. Having trained and worked as a healer since 1997 she now knows that massage practice and teaching is exactly where her passion lies.

Teaches: Holistic Massage (Worcester), Indian Head Massage, Emotional Processing

Sarah Mclellan

Sarah Mclellan

Sarah Mclellan qualified with BCMB in 2008 and in the process of training discovered a wonderful new path in the world of bodywork.Sarah has been part of the teaching team at BCMB since 2010 and is now Course Leader on the Professional Training Course as well as delivering CPD and offering Supervision sessions.   Sarah is also BCMB  Finance Director. Sarah is passionate about the accessibility of massage to make it as available as possible despite financial or other barriers.

Sarah has worked for many years in the voluntary sector, primarily in client centred advice, her deep commitment to client centred work holds true for and informs her massage practice. Sarah has a private practice both working from home in the Wye Valley and from BCMB as part of the tutor team. Sarah loves all forms of movement, from walking in wild hilly places to Shakti Dance Yoga and free Dance. Sarah is a qualified Dynamic Meditation Dance Teacher, she trained with the Ecstatic School of Movement in 2012 and teaches a regular class. The combination of body work and movement continue to inspire Sarah as a fundamentally healing and nurturing partnership and Sarah’s massage style embraces the rich potential of them both.

Teaches: Holistic Massage (Bristol), 3D Sidelying Massage

Jeremy Dymond

Jeremy Dymond

Jeremy Dymond was drawn to massage having experienced many benefits from it while suffering a back condition. He trained with BCMB in 2010 and now works in private practice in Bath where he also lives. After assisting on both the Worcester and Bristol courses, Jeremy is now a Course Leader on the BCMB Holistic Massage Professional Training Course in Bristol. He uses influences from Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi to look after himself and further support his massage work. Always keen to be outdoors and active, be it on his bike or walking and camping, Jeremy forever looks to make better use of his body and to find effective ways to relax his mind. He finds great satisfaction in using massage to help others get the best from their bodies.

Teaches: Holistic Massage (Bristol), Mobilising Massage

Adam Carter

Adam Carter

Adam first qualified in massage in 2001. He continued to develop his skill-set in the remedial field and qualified in Osteopathy with first-class honours in 2010. He has an extensive background in massage and works in Bristol.  His special interest is in the management of sports injuries and is passionate about the importance of soft-tissue treatment for acute injuries, as well as long-term problems. For the past 8 years, he has run courses in massage and clinical skills throughout the UK for the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal problems.

Teaches: Remedial & Sports Massage

Sophie Fagan

Sophie Fagan

Sophie qualified with BCMB in 2010 and has enjoyed developing a busy Bristol practice since then. Before entering the world of bodywork, Sophie worked in a stressful environment as an operations manager. Her time spent learning with BCMB was both inspiring and nurturing, which helped her connect with her true passion – bodywork. She feels passionate in the promotion and accessibility of massage especially when combating stress and emotional difficulties. Sophie has been a keen practitioner of Tai Chi for over 10 years including teaching various groups within Bristol. Sophie taught on the Holistic Massage Professional Training Course from 2013 – 2017.

Teaches: Holistic Intros , Tai Chi for Massage Therapists

Colette Hardiman

Having had a life-long interest in massage and bodywork, but side-lined by bringing up two children and a career in the hospitality industry, Colette trained and qualified with BCMB in 2013. Since then she has enjoyed building a successful massage practice in Hanley Swan and Malvern under the name of Balancing Hands and developed her knowledge and practice through additional training and CPD. She joined the BCMB Worcester teaching team in 2014 as an assistant tutor and has enjoyed sharing her experience and knowledge with students on the BCMB massage courses. Colette is now an accredited MTI tutor and continues her journey in teaching as joint lead tutor with Cleo at BCMB Worcester. In her spare time, Colette enjoys spending time with family, travel, walking with her dog and reading.


Teaches: Holistic Massage (Worcester), Holistic Intros

Jess Pailthorpe

Jessica Pailthorpe

Jessica MTI qualified in Holistic Massage in 2005 and has been in private practice ever since, firstly in Bristol and now in rural Herefordshire where she lives. Her previous life was spent working with the BBC Natural History Unit as a researcher and she still enjoys wildlife and nature, alongside massage and yoga. Jess has taught at The Fold in Worcester in the past, and now leads a CPD class

Teaches: Cranial Touch for Massage Therapists

Peter Kramer

Peter Kramer

Peter qualified with the BCMB in 2012 and comes from a background of social care, organic farming and artisan baking. Since finding his vocation as a massage therapist he feels inspired by the human body and its potential for adaptation, change, learning and growth.

Peter believes that being touched and cared for is essential for our well-being, which holds equally true for the skilled therapeutic use of touch. He is passionate about making massage accessible to a wider audience and is using the flexibility and outreach possibilities offered by chair massage to further this aim.

For the last 20 years Peter has been studying the art of Ki-Aikido, aimed at creating harmony between mind and body through relaxation and is working to integrate this experience into his therapy.

Teaches: Holistic Massage (Bristol) , Holistic Intros , Massage Practice Days


Sophie O’Brien

Sophie first experienced Thai massage while traveling in Thailand in 2012,  she then enrolled on a Thai Massage course in Chaing Mai, seeking a more suitable work / life balance this inspired her to change career paths from Recruitment to become a Therapist.  She qualified in Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Holistic Massage and has qualified with BCMB in Thai Massage.

Teaches: Thai Massage Intro  (Bristol)

Ros Cooper

Ros Cooper

After spending some years in the fashion industry and wanting to change my career path I fell in love with the power of touch through massage after receiving treatment for a bad back.  I took the plunge and qualified as a Reflexologist in 2002, Indian massage 2004 and Holistic Massage with BCMB in 2008. In the last 8 years I have worked in a mixed therapy practice in Bath working closely with an Osteopath, continuing to learn the importance of touch.

Massage and Reflexology can help with specific problems, it may ‘Fix it,’ ‘Calm it,’ ‘Maintain it’. But most of all, positive touch gives you an understanding of yourself and your own long term well being. My aim is to provide effective yet sensitive support through massage or reflexology helping to achieve optimal long-term wellbeing.

Teaches: Holistic Massage Diploma (Bristol)


Cleo Struggles

Cleo first trained at BCMB in 1988 and practiced in Bristol and Worcestershire before heading out to Japan to live for 5 years. At that time she was working with homeless people in Bristol and was struck how detached we can become from ourselves when in difficult circumstances and how mental health and addictions deteriorate, so rapidly without human touch or care. She completed a degree in Psychology in 1987 and is particularly interested in the neurological impact of massage, meditation and the impact on the stress fight flight response.  This massage journey  has never ended for Cleo but has taken pauses as she travelled extensively and lived and taught in other countries before settling back in the UK to teach Psychology  and work with foreign students and refugees.  Two years ago Cleo wanted to re connect with mind, body and spirit  through continuing to explore yoga and massage and retrained at BCMB in her home town in the Malvern Hills. She is pleased her massage journey has now taken another life as she joins the teaching team in Worcester combining both her passions of teaching and massage.

Teaches: Holistic Massage Diploma (Worcester

Pip Instone

Pip Instone

Pip qualified in Holistic massage with BCMB in 2012.This was the first step in acting on a lifelong interest in the power of touch and the body’s amazing ability to heal itself. Fascination with anatomy and the treatment of injuries lead her to study Remedial and Sports massage and qualify from the BCMB RSM course in 2014. Since then she has been building up her practice in Bristol working from various locations including a physiotherapy clinic. She joined the BCMB tutor team in 2015 and is enjoying inspiring others as they progress on their massage journey.

Teaches: Remedial and Sports Massage, Bristol, Intro to Remedial and Sports Massage 


Emma Conlon

Emma qualified with BCMB in 2013 and since then has been building up her private practice in Bristol. Emma has also worked in a variety of settings, exploring holistic spa environments alongside more clinical/remedial treatments. Her interest in bodywork stemmed from when she was completing her Counselling certificate and began to realise the direct connection between mind and body. Emma is interested in inspiring others about the healing power of touch and bodywork and making it more accessible to the elderly, disabled and the disadvantaged.

Teaches: Holistic Massage Diploma (Bristol), Holistic Intros , Chair Massage , Massage Practice Days

Lydia Spry

Lydia qualified in Holistic Massage at BCMB in 2015 and has been developing her private practice and work at various clinics around Bristol since then. Initially drawn to massage to help those in physical pain she was further inspired by the impact massage has on the mind. An understanding of how massage helps people cope with difficult circumstances (be they physical, emotional or psychological), as well as personal interests in meditation, mindfulness and yoga influence her massage. She also brings a wealth of experience in mentoring and support from her previous roles in theatre and charity project management. In addition to massage practice Lydia also coordinates the massage areas at various festivals.

Teaches: Holistic Massage Diploma (Bristol)

Jude Page

Jude qualified with BCMB in 2015 opening up a magical door into bodywork. She has a thriving practice in Cornwall where she is based. She is inspired by how transformative massage can be in enabling clients to become more positively and fully connected with their bodies. Previous training in dance and a continuing practice of tai chi and yoga inform and support her massage practice, as indeed does singing, sea swimming and playing outdoors in nature!

Jude has a diverse professional background in theatre, education and the arts. She feels that each of her previous roles (that have included teacher, lecturer, performer, support worker, project manager and trainer) provided the perfect preparation to join the teaching team at BCMB in 2017 as an Assistant Tutor. Also trained in ‘Hands Free’ techniques and qualified in Indian Head Massage, Jude is a fan of making massage accessible and can at times be spotted offering ‘Seat Treat’ massage treatments in cafes and public spaces.

Teaches: Holistic Massage Diploma (Bristol) , Indian Head Massage Certificate


Rhian Pitt

Rhian qualified from BCMB in 2014 and went on to build up a private practice in Bristol and a short stint at BMT before relocating to Cardiff. As well as massaging, she also teaches English to adults and enjoys the balance of a busy, social classroom and the calm, quiet therapy room. She is interested in the deep link between the physical, mental and emotional self and compliments her massage work with yoga and mindfulness practice. She has also trained in Hands Free massage and Indian Head Massage.

Teaches: Holistic Massage Diploma (Bristol), Holistic Intro

Sarah Logan

Sarah qualified in holistic massage with BCMB in 2014 and then studied Remedial and Sports Massage in 2015. She has a private practice in Crickhowell in the Brecon Beacons. Joining the team alongside Adam, Tim and Pip in 2017 gives her real pleasure because it offers her the opportunity to work with massage students and help support them as they learn.

Teaches: Remedial and Sports Massage Diploma (Bristol)


Hannah Newrick

Hannah qualified in Holistic Massage with BCMB in 2016. Her journey with massage began whilst working in a care home as an Activity Coordinator, offering gentle hand and foot massage to elderly residents and younger adults with physical and learning disabilities. Hannah was moved by the power of massage to connect people with their bodies and increase their sense of wellbeing, reducing anxiety and touch deprivation. Hannah is absolutely loving her role as assistant tutor at the Worcester branch of BCMB and continues to offer massage within the care home setting as well as building her own practice and massaging at festivals around the country.

Teaches: Holistic Massage Diploma (Worcester)

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