Would you like to practice at BCMB?

BCMB are looking for 3-4 grounded graduates who wish to see clients in our lovely, newly renovated, bespoke massage environment.   Since BCMB moved to Pembroke Road in 2014, we operated a policy that 1-1 treatment sessions were provided only by tutors.  This doesn’t include the “multi-couch” setting of the student or graduate clinics.

When I retire in May, more space will become available and my long-term clients will be looking for good practitioners.  Indeed, many of them are already asking for recommendations.

I’m delighted that some members of the tutor team are picking up some of that space. However, there is still more capacity. The BCMB Board agreed at its meeting in January that suitable graduates should be invited to take up practitioner space.

The Deal

Graduates would commit to a 4 hour weekly block of time, charged at £7ph. This is a little more than the tutor rental rate (they deserve their perks!). In addition, graduates can book additional ad hoc hours at the rate of £10ph. The minimum commitment would be for 3 months with a clear written agreement to support this.

What Capacity?

Monday: Orange Room free in morning. Blue & Green: some ad hoc use occasionally possible.

Tuesday: Orange free from 15th May; Blue often free.

Wednesday: Orange free from 16th May; Green often free.

Thursday: Orange often free in morning.

Friday: only very occasional ad hoc use possible.

This is only indicative and the details would need to be confirmed. Also, there may be occasions when BCMB needs a room for a training course e.g. A visiting teacher like David Lauterstein.  In that case, contracted practitioners may either use other hours in lieu or claim a rent refund.

Who Qualifies?

We are not setting strict criteria so much as considering guidelines. These include:

  • How much experience you have.
  • How many clients you might bring.
  • Above all, how committed and enthusiastic you are about BCMB’s ethos and community. This might mean that a recently qualified graduate was preferred to someone who had been practising for a while.

What to do Now

I’ll be dealing with this issue myself, as I wish to hand my clients over to the right people.

If you are interested, please email me BY 31st MARCH at: andyfagg54@gmail.com. Please set out how you match the guidelines and send a brief paragraph explaining your approach to massage, which will help me decide who to recommend my clients to.

Thank you!!

Andy Fagg

BCMB Founder and Chairman


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