Remedial and Sports Massage at BCMB by Adam Carter

Adam CarterWhen we first sat down together as a team at BCMB in 2010 with the idea of setting up a Remedial and Sports Massage diploma, the main goal in mind was to provide a high quality clinical training in the management of musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries. There seemed to be a gap between therapists with not enough specific knowledge to confidently manage their patients with “musculoskeletal” issues and other specialists such as osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists, who focus on other forms of treatment such as manipulation and rehabilitation advice.

My own clinical background in both massage and osteopathy has made me aware of how important massage work is in helping people from all walks of life recover from, say, an acute ankle sprain, or on-going episodes of low back pain.

As I am writing this and reflecting back since we started our first course in September 2013, I feel we have travelled some way in achieving our goal and 740providing patients with the option of improving their muscle and joint health by seeing a remedial massage therapist.

I am particularly pleased with the fact that out of nearly 50 students that have trained with us in the last 3 years, all of them are looking to use their clinical skills professionally on either a part or full time basis. This involves connecting with people from all walks of life; we have moms who have developed very busy practices through their school Facebook pages, professional dancers who have become practitioners within their own work environment, personal trainers who now have another string to their bow, and holistic massage therapists who are now able to branch out and treat a wider range of people.

picture 5We are always trying to develop a similar link between the College and community. In the last 2 years, we’ve set up regular student clinics, which run through the academic year and offer low-cost high quality treatment to the general public. I’m delighted that a number of our past students have formed an Events & Outreach Team, run by one of our tutors, Pip Instone. Together they travel to a number of local sporting events throughout the year, offering both pre and post-event massage. I think it offers a fantastic experience to our current students, as well as providing networking opportunities for newly qualified graduates who are building a practice.

As we are heading into the final stages of our third course in-take, we are looking ahead to the new intake starting in September and the exciting opportunities that will bring. Our RSM community is always open to new members so if you are looking for a skilled therapist for help with an on-going problem or injury, or perhaps are interested in exploring the training yourself, do check out our details on the website and get in touch.

Adam Carter

Lead Tutor – Remedial and Sports Massage Diploma

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