The wonder of Teaching At BCMB

Sarah MclellanI joined the teaching team at BCMB as an assistant tutor roughly 5 years ago. It has been, and is, one of the most precious and brilliant experiences of my working life.  As an assistant it was my job to support the students, be there for them as they journeyed through the course with all the ups, downs, delights and worries that doing a year long body work course offers up.   I am a tutor now and thoroughly enjoying my new role, taking the lead a bit more and considering the bigger picture in relation to the course, its development, delivery and the needs of the current and future students.   It has been and still is a huge honour to witness and support the learning journey of 24 people of many different walks of life, many different stages of life and experiences of life to explore their inherent human ability to touch another human being with awareness, in order to bring healing.   Getting to know each group of students is a gift and a joy, exploring year on year the wonders of the body, of bones, muscles, blood and the more etherial concepts of ‘presence’ and ‘quality of touch’ is a whole new learning journey for me each time.  The body and being human is an infinity complex and in many ways undefinable truth and the professional training course is like being an explorer in a beautiful canoe, flowing down a rich and diverse river to who knows where.  Each student starts from a different place and reaches a different place, all those who qualify( and we have a very high success rate) stand in different shoes and offer a different and very individual version of what it is to be a holistic client centred body worker and then they begin a new chapter in their discovery of what it is for them to be a practitioner and the flavour of body work that they can offer.  There is always room for another flavour of body work and massage, that way we can know that there will always be the right person or people out there to give us just the right massage on any particular day.

Sarah Mclellan, MTI

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