Seated Massage – Only 20 Minutes?

By Jacquie Kelly – BCMB and MTI Tutor

This week I visited an office where I provide On-Site Massage; 20 minute seated sessions through clothes, without the use of oil.

A new client arrived having been persuaded by his colleagues to ‘try me out’. He was used to having very deep 90 minute massages and told me he couldn’t see the point of just 20 minutes, but due to the discomfort in his body he reluctantly arrived at my door.

Following an assessment of the muscular tension in his neck and shoulders, I began the massage. Each stroke inviting his muscles that it’s safe to let go. Gradually softening and re-lengthening the muscle fibres that had become progressively imprisoned by postures caused by laptops, driving, and endless meetings. I could sense he had literally been shouldering the mental and emotional demands of his life, but through positive touch I could feel his muscles starting to yield. His muscles didn’t need to be bullied into submission, instead pressure of varying and increasing depths could be applied, using different approaches to help release and meet his needs.Seated massage

In this moment he didn’t need to take control, he wasn’t being judged, a corporate mask could slip and in the stillness he could gain some calm and re-connect to himself.

At the end of the session the pain had all but eased and his range of movement had increased. He was both surprised and delighted, immediately booking in again for next time.

Yes it was only 20 minutes, but it clearly made a huge difference to his week.

(A one day seated massage workshop with Jacquie Kelly will be held at BCMB on Saturday 23rd July)

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